Ben in jail
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“It’s all uphill from here.” – Chad to Abby on Days

Suspicion surrounded Steffy on “B&B.” Chad and Abby were rescued, as Ben was captured on “Days.” Liz confessed the truth to Jason on “GH,” and Adam gave Jack a way out of a lawsuit on “Y&R.”

Enjoy a rundown of this past week’s soap opera storyline highlights before Monday’s all-new episodes and read’s daily soap opera recaps if you want a play-by-play look into how everything unfolded.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Ivy was rushed to the hospital, where Steffy explained how Ivy confronted her then tripped and fell into the live electrical panel. When Liam caught Steffy apologizing to a comatose Ivy for what she did, he became suspicious as to what really happened. He even compared her involvement to what happened with Aly. Steffy insisted she didn’t mean to hurt Ivy and told her as much when she woke up in the hospital. Though Liam finally assured Steffy he believed her, Ivy told Wyatt she was afraid of Steffy then took out a restraining order against her. Rumors erupted at Forrester about Ivy being interested in someone other than Wyatt. When Thomas confirmed he was ‘the other guy’, Ridge was disgusted. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out how Zende reacted to Nicole’s morning sickness.

Days of our Lives:
Roman refused to accept Hope’s resignation and suspended her instead. Hope was warned to stay away from Dr. Malcolm but repeatedly tased him in an abandoned warehouse. Dr. Malcolm turned the tables on Hope, who agreed to pay him for information about Bo. Hope received a briefcase full of money, went to deliver it and found that Ciara had been kidnapped. Lani, with JJ’s help, arrested Ben after he’d left the baby in a motel room, as Chad and Abby escaped the fire. Later, Ben revealed the baby’s whereabouts and Abby was reunited with her son, Thomas Jack Deveraux. After bonding with Kate, Eddie found a woman in his room at Salem Inn. He made it clear he’d left the business and refused to do ‘the job’ then was confronted by John about the Winterborne Academy. Philip Kiriakis returned, learned of Brady’s detachment from the family and company and promised to make Titian better than ever. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear which former enemy was using Joey to get to Steve and Kayla and how Belle reacted when Andre confronted her about the money Sami stole.

General Hospital:
Sam confronted Liz, demanding she confess to having known Jason’s true identity. She then broke Patrick’s heart by saying she couldn’t let the drama surrounding Jason’s past go. As Patrick ended things with Sam, Jason forced Liz to admit she’d known about his identity all along. He stormed out on Liz then went to find Sonny. Elsewhere, Anna and Mac teamed up to uncover the truth surrounding Carlos’ supposed death, Sloane’s disappearance and what Paul was up to. Over at the PCPD, Nathan warned Dante to stay away from Valerie until he was sure of what he wanted. As Dante claimed he wanted Valerie, Johnny Zacchara returned to comfort Lulu. He offered to kill Valerie but Lulu settled on letting Johnny get Valerie out of Port Charles. When Dillon caught Johnny with Lulu, she convinced him not to tell anyone he was back in town. Read our General Hospital daily recaps for details on Jerry Jacks’ return and why he agreed to give Robin twenty-four hours alone with Helena’s dead body.

The Young and the Restless:
Nick overheard Dr. Anderson advise Dylan to keep the baby away from Sage. When he confronted her, ‘Sandy’ invited Nick to talk to her anytime then looked at an old news report on Nick as a teenager. Later, Nick was present when Dylan proposed to Sharon and witnessed the wedding that followed. Vikki surprised Victor by reestablishing their offices at Newman. After they cleared out of Jabot, Victor informed Ashley he was taking Jabot to court. Adam admitted the lawsuit had been his idea but assured Jack Victor wanted way more from him in the form of revenge. He also suggested Jack let Billy take the fall. Marisa located her daughter in Spain but saw how happy she was with the woman who raised her and let her little girl go. Back in Genoa City, after Kevin uncovered that Luca’s family was under investigation for arms dealings, Noah called to report a federal crime. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to hear how Lily ended up trapped with an angry Joe, who made a huge confession before his arrest.

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– Amy Mistretta