Back in the saddle and the sack.

Searching for answers and getting some unwelcome ones.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Things are uncomfortable for everyone at Forrester after Ivy gets electrocuted. Steffy’s part in the fry up leads to her relationship with Liam crumbling. He confronts her about what she did to Ivy and rakes up what happened with Aly too. By the end of the week, someone is slapping Steffy with a restraining order. And Steffy is not the only one to face blame. Thomas is berated by Caroline and Ridge about the whole situation too. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn what Wyatt tells Ivy when she needs some healing.

Days of our Lives:
Stuck in a fire and fighting for their lives, Abigail and Chad still beg Ben to let them know where the baby is. Back in Salem, John has some question for Eduardo about Winterthorne academy while Joey sinks in over his head. Meanwhile, Patch and Kayla hit the sheets as Hope’s deal with Dr. Malcolm places her in a position she was not anticipating. And Brady admits to Theresa that he has some worries about Philip. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to discover who is suspicious of how Hope has been acting.

General Hospital:
As Anna and Mac plot out how to deal with the problems posed by Paul, Sonny gets a hint that he may be able to get Avery back. Across Port Charles, Sabrina helps Patrick decide what his future should be and he does his best to cheer up Emma. Meanwhile, Olivia tears into Dante about his recent behavior. And Jason wants some answers from Liz after Sam lays into her about what she knew and when. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to find out who makes a deal with Johnny.

The Young and the Restless:
As Lily heads for trouble, Cane finally comes around to making a confession to Devon. Chelsea wonders if Adam has a confession of his own to make… maybe one involving Sage. Across Genoa City, Victor has some big news for the Abbotts. This prompts Ashley to come clean and make a few things clear to the mustache. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to find out how Marisa comes closer to finding her daughter.

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– Matt Purvis