Last week,’s Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix invited all of our tweeting readers to follow her daily updated Twitter feed @soapoperafan – and we even included a bunch of tweets from the actors who use the popular networking tool!

Since many fans wonder what the actors are doing during their off time, or during work, we’ve collected another bunch of tweets from actors to keep you updated on what they have to say!

DanielGoddard tweeted, “What a day! Did a photo shoot with Jeanne & Jess & Thom Bierdz for cover of Soaps in Depth. Did 5 voice overs. Lifted + 2hrs of cardio. Home.”

KyleLowde tweeted, “As most of you probably saw in the press today, my wife, Ari, and I are expecting our first child in December!”

Marth27 (Martha Madison) “Is missing the days of early call times and acting coaches. It’s almost time for something new along those lines.”

Ali_Sweeney “Shooting scenes all out of order this morning. Confusing! @galengering has flight to catch! Which means I get to go to Ben’s “graduation”!!

michaelmuhneyhow tweets, “many of you have jobs where, like me, your work occasionally requires that your shirt be removed? any lifeguards? swimmers?”

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