“Now is not a good time.” – Dante to Lulu

Steffy revealed Ivy’s cheating on “B&B.” Chad located Ben and Abby on “Days.” Lulu got an eyeful of Dante and Valerie on “GH,” and Victor put a knife to Phyllis’ neck on “Y&R.”

Need a refresher of what went down last week on your favorite soaps? We’ve highlighted the top storylines through our excerpts below. However, if it’s a deeper look into each episode that you’re after, Soaps.com posts daily soap opera recaps.

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Liam and Steffy discussed their upcoming wedding then Ivy and Wyatt’s relationship. Though Liam believed Ivy was committed to Wyatt, Steffy worried about Thomas’ involvement. Later, while Wyatt ranted to Liam about Thomas, Steffy overheard Ivy tell Thomas what happened between them could never happen again. Steffy confronted Thomas, who admitted he and Ivy kissed. She disapproved of Ivy’s betrayal and told Liam about the cheating. Though Liam told Steffy to stay out of it, she confronted Ivy and warned if she didn’t tell Wyatt about the kiss, Steffy would. Ivy admitted to Wyatt that she and Thomas had grown closer and planned to reveal the kiss later that night but Steffy beat her to it. As Ivy begged Wyatt for another chance, Quinn presented Thomas with an opportunity to have Ivy for himself. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out who had sex in their kitchen while someone was electrocuted during a fire elsewhere.

Days of our Lives:
Steve suggested Hope look to Claudia on her road to avenge Bo’s death. Hope arrested Claudia upon her arrival in town before saying a final goodbye as Bo was laid to rest. Later, after Claudia produced a sketch of a man involved in Bo’s kidnapping, Hope and Rafe confronted him. Joey locked Steve and Kayla in a hospital supply closet where they kissed. After a tip from Rafe, Chad went to Mammoth Falls and barged into the cabin. Ben handcuffed Chad and Abby, lit the place on fire and vanished with the baby. Belle visited John and Marlena and admitted she and Shawn were getting a divorce. She then learned Sami put 250 million dollars in an account in her name. While Caroline had a disturbing vision about Victor, he forced Brady to choose between Theresa or CEO of Titan. Brady moved out of the mansion and into a townhouse with Theresa, leaving Victor to order Philip back to Salem. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear who was hired to be the face of Basic Black.

General Hospital:
Patrick infuriated Sam by asking Alexis to have divorce papers drawn up for Sam and Jason. Though Sam suspected Liz and Nik had known Jason’s identity all along, she reluctantly agreed to file the papers. Hayden met Tracy and talked about a plan to take Nik down then told Laura she was in love with her son. While Paul assured Sonny he wanted to put an end to the violence, he had a gun shipment sent to Ava’s gallery. Morgan consulted with Dr. Maddox at the hospital then informed Sonny and Carly that he had Bipolar Disorder. Elsewhere, Sabrina had a sonogram and learned Carlos was the father of her baby. Though she begged him to leave town, Carlos adamantly refused. Lulu found Dante with a half-naked Valerie after they’d had sex. After Valerie blamed Lulu for the state of her marriage, Dante handed his wife signed separation papers and planned a date with Valerie. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to learn how Maxie made a huge impact on Nina.

The Young and the Restless:
Elise reduced Adam’s sentence to probation, leaving Adam and Chelsea looking forward to their future. Phyllis contacted Ian, who sent Patty off to Paris and replied to Phyllis via video. Victor and Phyllis met Ian, where Victor manipulated him by holding a knife to Phyllis’ neck and demanding Ian stop Paragon. Later, Victor told Adam he took down Ian and Paragon and expected him to help destroy Jabot, along with the help of Luca. Victor also convinced Luca to get Marisa out of town. Elsewhere, Vikki caught Billy lying about his plan to go after Victor and dumped him. He was soon arrested for DUI. At the club, Joe accused Lily of sleeping with him in order to plant the hoodie in his room for Cane’s discovery. Though Paul couldn’t arrest Joe, since the hoodie was retrieved without a warrant, Cane and Lily agreed to take down Joe. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps for Sage’s outburst toward Faith and her reaction to holding Sharon’s baby.

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– Amy Mistretta