“Happy Thanksgiving!” – Eric Forrester

Ivy was pulled between two men on “B&B.” Many mourned Bo on “Days.” Helena died on “GH,” and Neil confessed everything surrounding Hilary’s disappearance to Devon on “Y&R.”

Soaps.com knows things can get pretty hectic in preparation for the holiday. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, take some time to relax and catch up on last week’s storylines through our episode highlights and daily soap opera recaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Ivy was torn between her attraction to Thomas and her commitment to Wyatt. While Wyatt planned an evening alone for the two of them, Thomas kissed Ivy and urged her to lie to Wyatt so they could have some time together that night. Ivy ended up telling Wyatt she needed to go to work but when she got there she informed Thomas whatever was going on between them needed to end. Zende returned from a business trip and admitted to Nicole he wished she wasn’t pregnant but claimed to still want a relationship with her. Over at the Forrester mansion, plans took shape for Thanksgiving dinner as Eric remembered the happier times with Stephanie. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out what unfolded as the Forrester, Spencer, and Avant families gathered for Thanksgiving.

Days of our Lives:
Hope was forced to let Bo go and returned home as word spread about his death. After seeing an apparition of Bo, Hope found Steve and both agreed to team up to go after the people who tortured Bo. John went to the DiMera mansion and convinced Andre to hand Sami over in exchange for the flash drive. However, when they went into the dungeon where she’d been held, Sami was gone. Stefano and Andre were furious to learn Sami stole from them. Later, Sami alerted John and Marlena that she was safe. Elsewhere, while Chad realized Ben was The Necktie Killer and convinced Rafe to put out an APB, Abby gave birth to a boy. No longer having use for the midwife, Ben shot Wendy then took the baby from Abby. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear what shocking news Belle revealed upon her arrival in Salem and who received an important clue about their past.

General Hospital:
Anna confessed to killing Carlos to Dr. Maddox. Though he offered to treat her to let go of the guilt, Anna worried about Paul holding the truth over her head. After Anna thought she saw Carlos once again, he showed up at Sabrina’s door, causing her to faint. When Sabrina awoke, she insisted her baby was Michael’s. Carlos didn’t believe her. Kiki called Michael from the cabin and alerted him to Morgan’s upsetting behavior. Michael, Carly and Max soon appeared and brought Morgan to the hospital where he agreed to work with Dr. Maddox. Kristina returned and joined the family, as Sonny expressed how proud he was that Morgan was facing his problems. Kiki was arrested for Carly’s hit and run but later released when Morgan convinced his mom to help her. On Cassadine Island, Helena taunted Jason and died without revealing who else had known his identity all along. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to learn who spent the holiday with who in Port Charles, despite various differences.

The Young and the Restless:
Dr. Anderson irritated Nick with talk about how the Newmans always got what they wanted. She then went to Fairview and presented Sharon with her baby. Sharon had no memory of giving birth but was soon convinced Christian was her son. Dr. Anderson alerted Mariah to the baby news. Elsewhere, Neil confessed everything to Devon from the manufactured video of Devon and a hooker to allowing him to believe Hilary had been dead. Hilary insisted she didn’t love Devon and all she wanted was Neil. Though Neil went to turn himself him, Devon stopped him. Dylan found Dr. Neville, who ended up drugging him just as a text came in about Sharon giving birth. When Dylan came to, he went to Fairview to see his son. Victor demanded Elise get Adam released from prison, where he convinced Adam to team up against Billy and Phyllis. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps for Cane’s reaction to finding Lily naked in Joe’s bed and the black hoodie in Joe’s safe.

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– Amy Mistretta