“Did he also tell you it was with him?” – Judge Elise Moxley

Liam proposed to Steffy on “B&B.” Bo died on “Days.” Robin was backed into a corner on “GH,” and Nikki was stunned by Judge Elise Moxley’s admission on “Y&R.”

Grab a cup of coffee and get refreshed on last week’s episodes through our storyline highlights and Soaps.com’s drama-filled daily soap opera recaps before we start a new week in Los Angeles, Salem, Port Charles and Genoa City.

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Wyatt complained to Steffy about Thomas’ interest in Ivy. Meanwhile, Thomas kissed Ivy, who initially pulled way then allowed him to kiss her again. When she came to her senses, Ivy defended her relationship with Wyatt and warned nothing would ever happen between her and Thomas. Thomas told Steffy about the kiss then bet his sister he could take Ivy away from Wyatt. Steffy refused his childish bet and warned him to back off. Before Wyatt left for a business trip, he asked Ivy to keep her distance from Thomas, who surprised her with dinner while spending the night at Eric’s. Though Ivy made it clear she was with Wyatt, she couldn’t help thinking back to kissing Thomas – and kissed him again. Bill and Katie found Liam at the beachhouse, preparing a romantic night for Steffy. Bill was ecstatic to learn Liam planned to propose. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out how Steffy reacted when Liam presented her with a ring.

Days of our Lives:
Abby went into labor in the cabin. Ben found a woman to help but held her at gunpoint when she tried to call an ambulance. Elsewhere, Kayla informed Bo he had an untreatable brain tumor. After Bo and Hope made love, he went and told Rafe about the tumor and asked him to be there for Hope when he was gone. Bo then broke the news to Hope, who was devastated. They reminisced about their life together before Bo took his last breath in Hope’s arms. Steve continued receiving mysterious messages and went to John for help. John was forced to admit he’d been fired from the ISA. In an undisclosed location, Sami refused to divulge information to Andre, who confronted Marlena with questions. Marlena went to Stefano with talk about changing passcodes and protecting Sami. After it became apparent Stefano was unaware of Andre’s actions, Marlena alerted John to the kidnapping as well as Chad. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear why Chad agreed to help find Sami.

General Hospital:
Morgan refused to listen to Sonny and failed at getting information surrounding Julian’s organization out of Ava. Paul witnessed the exchange and suggested Ava turn the tables on Sonny by seducing Morgan. Lulu located Alexis to file for a separation and later witnessed Valerie in a car with her head against Dante’s shoulder. When she confronted Dante, he informed Valerie had fallen asleep during a stakeout. Robin was forced to listen to her captors after witnessing someone trying to abduct Emma in the park, where Tracy and Hayden argued nearby over how to deal with their secret partnership. Hayden turned to Shawn for help in finding her real shooter. Jason went to Spinelli in order to locate Helena. After Spinelli alerted Sam where Jason was heading, Liz insisted on going with her. Jason, Liz and Sam arrived on Cassadine Island and were delivered to Helena, who claimed to have saved Jason and put a curse on Sam. Read our General Hospital daily recaps for reactions to Franco being arrested for Carly’s accident.

The Young and the Restless:
Nikki learned Victor was blackmailing Judge Elise Moxley. Just as Moxley told Adam his father would ruin her career if she didn’t set him free, Nikki burst into his room and informed Adam that Victor was holding an affair over Moxley’s head. Elise revealed the affair had been with Victor! Nonetheless, Christine hauled Adam off to prison, where he was repeatedly attacked. Elsewhere, Billy and Phyllis teamed up against Victor, who accepted the Abbotts’ offer to use Jabot for Newman office space. When the Paragon virus reignited against both companies, Ashley accused Billy of being behind it. Many worried when news spread that Ian and Patty’s bodies hadn’t been found. Sage continued to push Nick away, as a nurse told Christian that Dr. Anderson had a new mommy for him. Over at Fairview, Sharon learned Sage lost her baby then was stunned to see she herself wasn’t pregnant at all. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to hear what happened when Dr. Neville confronted Hilary.

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– Amy Mistretta