The looming danger.

As some race to save their loved ones, others worry that their own mistakes may cost them dearly.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Thomas tries to heal his wounded relationship with his father, but that could cost him more than it’s worth. Meanwhile, Caroline has to face some awkward questions about her pregnancy and Nicole starts to seriously doubt the status of her relationship with Zende. Across town, Ivy finds she has an unusual ally and Pam plots a Halloween party. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to learn what has Rick feeling regret.

Days of our Lives:
Bo and Steve face death as they race to return to Salem before Hope can tie the knot with Aiden. After her chaotic bachelorette party and Aiden’s drunken confession, they may not have to try hard to end the event. Meanwhile, Chad is finally arrested for the murders while Abby starts to realize there is something seriously askew about Ben. And Eric receives a startling message from Sami. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to discover who sides with Theresa against Kate.

General Hospital:
As she drives ahead with her bid to get to the bottom of Jake’s true identity, Sam starts to feel uncertain about some of her recent choices. Meanwhile, Liz’s nerves start to get the better of her as her wedding looms closer. Across Port Charles, Paul corners Anna on the pier for a confession while Dante starts to feel like confessing after his mother lays into him about family. This is only made worse when he watches Lulu and Valerie having a heart-to-heart. And Sabrina has a hard time dealing with what she’s done. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to find out what blows Carly’s mind.

The Young and the Restless:
Michael is sure that Adam was the target of a killer, but he’s hardly the only person in danger. Pretty soon, Nick gets some troubling news. As Chelsea does her best to defend her relationship with Adam, chaos looms in Genoa City. The Paragon Project means that Halloween might actually be horrifying, especially after a fire breaks out. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn what happens when Hilary starts to wake up.

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– Matt Purvis