Ali Sweeney Tweets! (Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)


Are you one of the tweeps, tweeting on Twitter? Are you already following Soap Opera Fan? Soap Opera Fan, AKA, AKA Christine Fix, posts several soap updates for those interested, on each soap, daily. We have found that many of our followers are at work and love getting little updates, regularly, about each of their soaps. They’ve also let us know that they love getting those little extra teasers that they’ve not seen elsewhere! Mostly, they adore having contact with their favorite actors and actresses. Soap Opera Fan follows a few of the Daytime stars. We gathered a few tweets to show you what to expect for those not yet on Twitter, and would like to also extend an invite to follow us (@soapoperafan.) Once you’re following us, feel free to poke through those we’re following and follow along with us! Here are just a few…

Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara, ATWT) tweeted, “Had an amazing day with the producers for Royal Caribbean Cruises and Philip Katz, my producer, and then an event with the National Academy.”

Alison Sweeney tweeted, “At Biggest Loser tonight. Finding one little monitor to watch Lakers game! The crew is all going to be crowded around!!”

Mollydollyy (Molly Burnett, Melanie, DOOL) “Tony awards tonight. The theater nerd in me is ecstatic.”

Kevin Schmidt (Noah, Y&R) “Made myself a grand smoothie for lunch! Caught up on emails, kissed a couple babies. Not a bad Tuesday! I’m coming for @kimberlydoll Friday!”

JdWebb (Songwriter for DOOL) tweeted, “Rehearsing next door to Dakota Fanning. Only in Hollywood!!”

Daniel Goddard (Cane, Y&R) “Just wrapped… Got to bed last night @ 2am woke up twice with Sebastian, got up @ 6am… Am tired. But everything is all good.”

Edenriegel (Bianca, AMC) “I’m in rural Virginia with my incredible 99 year old grandma and dial-up. Just know I am experiencing twitter-denial.”