“You can’t help me. Nobody can.” – Eve Donovan

Caroline confessed to Ridge on “B&B.” Paige was laid to rest on “Days.” Paul murdered Sloane on “GH,” and Ian revealed Adam’s true identity on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Ridge offered to let Caroline go for fear she’d resent him for not being able to give her a child. She assured Ridge of her love then went to see Thomas, who had a girl from work in his bed. Caroline agreed to pretend she never saw Charlotte and left without telling Thomas the truth about the baby. Later, Ridge arrived, caught Thomas with the intern and lashed out at his son, going as far as to call him a spoiled brat. Thomas punched Ridge. That wasn’t the only hit Ridge took… Caroline admitted to Ridge that she slept with Thomas. Over at Forrester, after Steffy wouldn’t give Ivy her job back, Ivy joined Wyatt and Quinn and learned Bill refused to start a competing fashion house. Quinn confronted Bill and accused him of constantly favoring Liam. Bill basically confirmed it and admitted he’d chosen Liam as his successor and the executor of his estate. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out what Liam warned Wyatt about regarding Quinn.

Days of our Lives:
Aiden confessed to Hope he was in debt but wasn’t truthful as to how much. Though upset he hadn’t told her sooner, Hope gave him a check for $100,000 to settle up. Aiden was then stunned to learn Stefano already paid all his debts and was warned by Andre they’d be calling in a favor soon. JJ returned home, worried for Jenn’s safety, and told Roman he would no longer work undercover. Elsewhere, Chad recalled an encounter with a homeless man at the time of Serena’s murder. The man finally agreed to give Chad an alibi for a price but later had a mental breakdown and didn’t recognize Chad. As Andre helped Chad evade the cops, Ben flashed back to killing Paige and Serena and believed Chad made him do it. Rafe enlisted Lani to look over evidence surrounding the Necktie Killer at the station. Consumed with grief, Eve prepared to bury her daughter. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear how Nicole and Kate treated Theresa, which led to an unexpected kiss.

General Hospital:
Sam admitted to Jake she felt as though Jason was still alive. The blind lady from their wedding appeared at the Noodle Buddha and thought Jake was Jason. She convinced them to renew their vows for her. Later, just as Sam accepted Patrick’s proposal, Laura appeared on their doorstep. Sonny and Carly planned to marry at the hospital in an attempt to keep Avery from Ava but were unable to, as Sonny’s health continued to fail. Ava met with the five mob families and convinced them to call a truce by claiming Carlos shot Sonny. Later, though Morgan offered himself to Ava in exchange for her leaving Avery in his parents’ care, Ava refused and took custody of her daughter from Carly. Elsewhere, Sloane got drunk and confessed to Paul how Anna murdered Carlos. After Sloan turned over evidence, Paul killed him then confronted Anna who denied murdering Carlos. Paul planned to neutralize Anna and ordered Nathan to find Carlos. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to learn how Dillon responded when Valerie confessed that she’d slept with Dante.

The Young and the Restless:
Summer saw ‘Fred’ leaving the park and told Phyllis he was Ian Ward. Victor went to the prison hospital and came face to face with Ian. Phyllis appeared just in time to hear Ian insist he’d been there all along. The warden confirmed Ian’s claims but later called Victor to report that Ian had escaped. Ian contacted Phyllis with information, which she relayed to Victor and Jack – Adam was alive. Chelsea admitted the truth to Billy as well. Noah walked out on Marisa, who revealed the truth surrounding Victor, Jack and Marco. Dylan went to the station and told Paul, Michael and Devon the pilot admitted he brought Hilary to Genoa City. Gwen followed Neil to the boathouse and was stunned to see Hilary. Though Neil tried to explain, Gwen warned if he didn’t tell Devon the truth, she would but later agreed to stay quiet and help Neil. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to hear why Sharon hugged Patty prior to being drugged.

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– Amy Mistretta