On the warpath and in retreat.

Faced with betrayal and bad choices, even more difficult decisions must be made.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Quinn goes on the warpath. She lays into Bill for playing his sons against each other. Deacon tries to talk her down from lashing out at the Spencers before things get too ugly. Meanwhile, Liam realizes he’s on Quinn’s bad side, but it’s not quite as bad as things have become between Thomas and Ridge. The two men wind up at fisticuffs after Thomas is caught in a compromising position. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to find out who decides it’s time for a life changing choice.

Days of our Lives:
While Chad disguises himself to search for his alibi, Eve and Eduardo cope with Paige’s funeral. Seeing how miserable Theresa is, Brady actually reaches out to her. Across Salem, Caroline continues to deteriorate, and so does the tone between Victor and Kayla over how to treat her. And Abe is baffled when he notices how much Lani knows about him. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to learn who Aiden stuns with his latest confession.

General Hospital:
Carly’s life goes downhill fast. Her sons promise her that they will stay out the mob war, but that could be hard after Ava has a meeting with the five families and goes after Carly. Meanwhile, Paul leaves Anna rattled while Dante turns to Valerie for comfort and Dillon makes a confession to Maxie. Across Port Charles, Nina does her best to make peace with those around her. Read Soaps.com’s General Hospital spoilers to find out who receives a surprise visitor.

The Young and the Restless:
As Neil rambles to Hilary, Paul is forced to release the pilot. Dylan trudges off and corners him, demanding answers about what really happened. Meanwhile, a tearful Marisa confesses everything to Noah and he storms off to confront Victor about his dastardly deeds. Across Genoa City, Victor turns to the FBI and starts barking for Ashley and Jack to be arrested. And Ian turns on Adam soon after Phyllis discovers who Fred really is. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to learn what Gwen tells Lily.

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– Matt Purvis