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A few fun sections we hope you’ll enjoy poring over…

We thank everyone for their overall impressions and feedback regarding the new site while we were testing. We have taken every comment into consideration. In fact, we’ve made a few changes based on your feedback.

By now you’ve all been perusing the new and improved website. There are a few items we’d like to show you such as the carousel, which currently holds a photo of the Abbott family from “Y&R.” On the bottom right of that photo you’ll see a string of white dots. Click any one of them and you’ll see a new photo with a heading. Click any of the photos and you’re taken to that news item. You can also find those articles and the rest of the ‘latest news’ in our new section called ‘soaps’.

Take a look at the top left hand side of the site at the three horizontal bars with the word ‘MENU’ underneath. Some call this a hamburger menu, side menu, or navigation drawer. If you click the three lines, everything that you used to use on the original site will be at your fingertips. There’s a drop-down menu for ‘shows’ which includes all soap sections and a few primetime shows. In the hamburger menu you’ll also see Rumor Mill. This is new and you’re all invited to send us your anonymous tips – rumors – not wishful thinking to We’ll post your rumors for each soap in that section. We’ve already added a few for you to speculate on.

Next up is our new Soap Box section. This section houses all of our weekly blogs where some of our writers deconstruct their fave shows each Friday. There’s a new ‘share’ features which allows you to share any news with your friends on social media.

Our new message boards have not only a new look but various new features that were built with you in mind.

Note the following new features:

An easy to see notification bell will announce new replies to topics you’ve posted in or threads you’ve created. Find that at the top of the main page of the Soaps message boards. Next to that you’ll see a PM function, used to privately message friends. To the right of that you’ll see your screen name with a drop down arrow. Click it to find your profile. If you click ‘edit profile’ within that section you’ll be able to add your birthdate, location, add an avatar, etcetera. There’s even an ignore feature for those who feel it’s too difficult to ignore a poster they don’t get along with. In addition, in lieu of emailing the moderators, you can once again anonymously report a bad post by clicking the exclamation point within a post. There’s also an option to be notified as to the outcome. Click around and test the new features. Remember, this is only a testing site so anything you post will be removed before our launch.

Last but certainly not least, we’re happy to provide episode guides for each of the four soap operas dating back decades to their first airdate. These comprehensive guides, which are almost complete, provide highlights of your fave soaps throughout the years to those looking to reminisce or to brief those just tuning in. You can find each episode guide by decade along with a photo from that era.

Enjoy’s redesigned website and please let us know how we did.