“Never lie to me.” – Victor Newman

Ivy blackmailed Steffy on “B&B.” Serena was murdered and Patch resurfaced on “Days.” Ava revealed her true identity publicly on “GH,” and Sharon lost her baby on “Y&R.”

Soaps.com understands how busy life can be, so if you ever miss an episode of “B&B,” “Days,” “GH” or “Y&R” we have you covered! Get the highlighted moments through the excerpts below or read our detailed daily soap opera recaps for each day’s play-by-play.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Ivy had a fit when Ridge appointed Steffy as the face of Forrester. As Wyatt and Liam discussed the video, Ivy showed it to Steffy, who later insisted that Ridge give Ivy the position. Ridge became suspicious but Steffy claimed she didn’t want the added stress. When Liam learned of Ivy’s blackmail, he ordered her to either go to the police or delete the video. Ivy refused to be intimidated and urged Liam to convince Steffy to confess. While Liam went to Steffy and promised they’d get through this together, Ivy and Wyatt agreed Aly would want them to use the video to ensure they’d never be passed over by Liam and Steffy again. Ridge came upon Caroline and Thomas laughing and learned she’d been helping him with his designs. He encouraged Thomas then staked his claim on Caroline. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for Ridge and Brooke’s talk about the future.

Days of our Lives:
Serena was served with civil papers then turned over a check to Nicole, who donated it to the homeless. Over at the mansion, Xander was arrested after Theresa made it look as though he’d sexually assaulted her. Elsewhere, Ben caught Abby lying to go meet Chad, who was disowned by his father for revealing Stefano’s plan to Abby. Abby shared her pregnancy with Chad and assured him Ben was the father. Chad then drowned his sorrows in booze, kissed Serena and awoke the next day with no memory other than following Serena out of TBD. Later, Chad was stunned to learn Serena had been murdered. As Rafe was reinstated at the PD, Aiden made a few shady calls about money and completing his task, regarding Hope, then proposed to her. All the while, Bo resurfaced. Across Salem, Eve learned of JJ’s uncover work and put JJ in danger and Jenn on the front page of the newspaper. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps for Kayla’s reaction to Steve and Joey’s return.

General Hospital:
Ava took the stand in court and was badgered into admitting her true identity. Franco cringed as she professed her innocence and revealed the photo on her phone of Nina standing over Silas’ body. As Ric arrested Ava for Connie’s murder, with plans to arrest Nina for Silas’, Franco confessed to killing the doctor to protect Nina. All were placed into custody. Sonny confronted Ava and warned she’d never be Avery’s mother and that Carly would take her place. Though Kiki was relieved her mother was alive, Morgan was mortified having slept with Ava and confronted her. Ava wanted Morgan back, but he refused her and reminded Ava to think of Kiki. When Kiki visited Franco, he admitted Ava and Morgan had been sleeping together. Realizing that’s what Silas wanted to tell her, Kiki wondered if Morgan killed him. In the station, Dante and Nathan believed they’d found evidence of who killed Silas. Ric was arrested but professed his innocence. Read our General Hospital daily recaps to learn what advice Alexis gave Nina.

The Young and the Restless:
Paul shot Harding dead to save Dylan but couldn’t confirm Harding had worked with Marco. Regardless, Dylan reported to those involved that Harding committed the murders. Sharon experienced pains and later lost her baby. Just as she planned to tell Dylan, he proposed. Sharon accepted but stayed quiet about the loss. After she confessed the truth to Mariah, Sharon begged her to keep her secret and shared her plan to get pregnant again. At the cabin, Marco told Victor, Jack, Phyllis and Marisa how Harding killed the kids then placed blame on Victor. Victor had Marco returned to the Peruvian prison then attended a business meeting where Abby announced her plans to stay at Newman. Ashley received news from Abby too – that Ben was moving in with her. Kyle officiated Nick and Sage’s wedding in the park with family and friends in attendance. Read The Young and the Restless daily recaps to hear what turned up in the search for Hilary and why Adam convinced Chelsea to return to Genoa City.

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– Amy Mistretta