“Is he giving you everything you want?” – Thomas Forrester

Ivy and Wyatt got intimate on “B&B,” Clyde got physical with Aiden on “Days,” Ava confessed to Julian on “GH,” and Marisa tricked Marco on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Thomas warned Steffy that Wyatt and Ivy had a video that appeared to show her murder Aly. Ivy and Wyatt, growing closer, realized the footage was their insurance policy to excel at Forrester. Steffy assured Wyatt she was defending herself against Aly but Ivy was convinced she was lying. Wyatt and Ivy had sex for the first time and she used it to make him promise not to delete the video. The cops believed Steffy’s story about everything that led up to Aly’s death, but felt something was missing. When Steffy learned Wyatt did not delete the video she accused them of blackmailing her because he and Ivy think they got a raw deal. Steffy told Liam everything that happened, and about the video. Wyatt accused Ivy of using the video to get Liam back, and the two of them showed Liam the footage. Liam relayed how bad it was to Steffy but that they would handle it together. Caroline and Thomas learned about the video, and thought Ivy’s interest in being the face of Forrester had something to do with it. Tension about a whether or not to have a baby grew between Caroline and Ridge, who then spent some time with Katie. Get every last juicy detail in Soaps.com’s Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps.

Days of our Lives:
After catching Will in more deception, Sonny left town – but not before trying to kiss Paul. Rafe refused to help Hope anymore with Clyde, who beat the daylights out of Aiden. Paige could not stay out of JJs business despite his multiple warnings, so JJ told Kyle Paige would rat him out to the cops. Paige convinced Kyle she would never tell. Ben rubbed his engagement in Chad’s face and told him they were moving to California, but Clyde refused to have his son run from a DiMera. Julie asked Eve for help saving the Horton Centre. When Eve went to Jenn’s to drop off a check, she also planted a bug. Stefano sought out Abigail and told her Chad wasn’t with her because he felt Stefano was in the way. Meanwhile, Abigail pretended to be happy the baby was Ben’s and not Chad’s while Clyde convinced a nervous Ben there was no way the baby wasn’t his. After learning Aiden was investigating him, Clyde beat him up. Aiden lied to Hope about the perp, but agreed to go home with her. Paige caught JJ snooping at Kyle’s and made out with the drug dealer to give JJ a chance to escape. She later learned he is under cover and he begged her to keep his secret. Rafe is ready to be a cop to help protect Hope against Clyde. Marlena learned John was considering going back with the ISA and they kissed. Victor spent time with Caroline. Get more in the Days of our Lives daily recaps to see what Eve heard through the bug she planted.