“Stay away from Parker.” – Daniel Jonas

Maya debated calling off the wedding on “B&B.” Ben wondered if Abby was carrying Chad’s baby on “Days.” Sonny received a mysterious call on “GH,” and the killer was revealed on “Y&R.”

Even if you miss an episode or two of your favorite soaps you can get a quick rundown of the week’s highlights below or read Soaps.com’s in-depth daily soap opera recaps for “B&B,” “Days,” “GH,” and “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Nicole found Maya sobbing over their father’s hurtful words, as everyone waited downstairs at the mansion for the wedding to begin. She wanted to call the wedding off, but Nicole convinced her not to allow their father’s hate to ruin her and Rick’s day. Maya’s parents walked her down the aisle and after Julius handed her off to Rick, Maya stopped the wedding. She told Julius she heard what he said and gave him the opportunity to leave. After a battle of words, Julius walked out and Vivienne stayed, proud to be Maya’s mother. Rick and Maya were soon pronounced husband and wife. Elsewhere, Ivy continued to blame Steffy for Aly’s death. Though she wanted Steffy to pay, someone else urged Steffy to stay quiet. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to learn who Steffy opened up to about the night Aly died.

Days of our Lives:
Ben slid the engagement ring on Abby’s finger in front of Chad and announced their plans to marry. Once alone, Abby shared her pregnancy with Ben, who recalled her cheating with Chad. Elsewhere, as Clyde learned Aiden had been snooping around in his business, Rafe refused to help Hope uncover why Aiden had dropped his client. Kate later confronted Rafe over his feelings for Hope then canceled a date with Clyde. Daniel prevented Xander from going after Nicole, who’d taunted him in the woods. As Daniel went to confront Victor, word came of Caroline’s stroke and many raced to the hospital. Eric learned Serena saved Caroline and asked her not to leave town. The family, as well as Caroline, thanked Serena. Brady witnessed Theresa’s emotional state, due to Caroline, and allowed her to stay at the mansion – with a few conditions. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear why Kate thanked Marlena and why Paul became disgusted with Will.