“Silas is dead.” – Franco

Thomas fantasized about Caroline on “B&B.” Things turned physical between Chloe and Nicole on “Days.” Silas was pronounced dead on “GH,” and Phyllis learned how Marco came to be in her life on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Thomas cracked more jokes over Caroline being with his old father then fantasized about kissing her. Ridge appeared, apologized for being rough on Thomas but warned he needed to work harder on his designs. After Thomas left, Caroline learned her divorce to Rick was final and expressed wanting a baby. Ridge wasn’t interested in having more children. Caroline claimed she could live without a baby, as long as she had Ridge, and privately wept. Over at the mansion, Julius savored the riches of the festivities leading up to Rick and Maya’s wedding, which Bridget arrived home for. When Maya questioned how her father really felt, Julius insisted he wanted to be a part of her life. Later, Maya listened and cried as her father told her mother that Maya was a freak show and he would only pretend to accept her marriage to Rick. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for details on who appeared at the mansion with an apology.

Days of our Lives:
JJ snuck into Kyle’s apartment and hid when Kyle and Paige appeared. Chloe arrived at Daniel’s and told Nicole she wasn’t good enough for Parker or Daniel, who appeared in time to break up a catfight. Elsewhere, Theresa donned a leg cast to extend her stay at the mansion. Victor drained Xander’s bank account and hired him as a gardener in order to keep an eye on him. Though the family was upset, Theresa tried to use Xander’s presence to her advantage but Brady received a call then ordered her to leave. Martin was called away from the lab, leaving another tech to complete Abby’s paternity test. After a threat by Clyde and a quick save by Martin, Abby was told Ben was her baby’s father. Abby kissed Chad one last time, insisted she was committed to Ben then went and told the latter she’d marry him. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to hear what led to Caroline falling unconscious.