“It’s so unfair that Jason isn’t here.” – Carly Jacks

Aly died on “B&B.” Clyde learned about Abby’s pregnancy on “Days.” Laura overheard a secret on “GH,” and Jack talked to Victor on “Y&R.”

Whether you missed the soaps this past week or you just want a refresher, Soaps.com has provided our readers with episode highlights and in-depth daily soap opera recaps for “B&B,” “Days,” “GH,” and “Y&R.”

The Bold and the Beautiful:
The Forrester Fashion Show ended with Rick proposing to Maya who said yes, leaving her mother in tears. Brooke hugged Maya with approval, as Julius expressed his as well then admitted to his wife he was glad Rick was taking his embarrassing son off their hands and how he planned to reap the rewards of L.A. Aly fumed over the whole event and punctured Steffy’s tire before following her as she left for the after party. As Ivy, Liam and Wyatt came across Aly’s revenge board at the mansion, Aly listened to the floating head of Darla and raced toward Steffy, who’d pulled over to assess the flat. After stopping short of hitting her, Steffy pulled Aly out of the car and screamed how she could’ve killed her. Aly broke down then swung a tire iron at Steffy, who ended up with the upper hand as Aly fell to her death on a rock. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps for Thorne’s reaction to Aly upon his return home.

Days of our Lives:
Clyde found Abby crying with Hope and later learned she was pregnant. He suspected there was a paternity issue and didn’t want Ben missing out on Abby’s inheritance. Clyde then made a donation to the hospital’s prenatal care unit and planned to gain access to Abby’s baby’s paternity results. All the while, Chad went to Abby after Stefano urged him not to let her go. JJ received permission to fill Jenn in on his undercover work then briefly met Kyle in the park. Before JJ could tell Jenn his news, Paige warned his mother that JJ was hanging out with a drug dealer. Jenn confronted JJ, learned he was undercover and worried about his safety. Elsewhere, while Nicole accepted Daniel’s marriage proposal, Rafe admitted to Hope that he was crazy about her. Eric visited Nicole to warn Serena might have overheard them discussing their secret then wished her well with Daniel. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn who eavesdropped on Eric’s confession.