Jealous and desperate.

Things reach a manic point resulting in freak outs, fall outs and gunshots.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Nicole gets suspicious when her father starts reaching out to Maya, particularly after he’s been telling everyone Myron is dead. Maya’s big fashion show is not likely to run smoothly. Aly’s ire is raised when Ridge selects Maya as the face for the California Freedom line. This, combined with her growing paranoia about Steffy, sets Aly on a destructive path. And Ivy may have inadvertently destroyed her relationship with Liam by suggesting that he date her and Steffy at the same time. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to discover who comforts Ivy in her despair.

Days of our Lives:
After learning that she’s pregnant, Abby turns to Kayla for help determining who the father is. As Stefano reveals why he wanted Chad to seduce Abby so much, Nicole lashes out at Serena for her deception. Nicole could wind up in trouble for being less than honest as well after someone eavesdrops on her talking to Eric about their steamy encounter. And Daniel starts to worry about how much Victor actually knew of Xander’s activities in Salem. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out who makes Eve think twice about her plans for revenge.

General Hospital:
Liz receives some news that leaves her in shock. That could get worse after Nikolas delivers some shocking news of his own. Meanwhile, Ric continues manipulating Nina but that might reach a dead end after she catches him with her mother. Across Port Charles, Luke is shocked by who he catches Tracy with and Silas issues a warning to Morgan about Denise. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to learn what happens after Lulu confronts Dante.

The Young and the Restless:
While Avery holds Joe at gunpoint, demanding that he confess to raping her, Dylan realizes where his gun has gone. He, Paul and the cops rush across Genoa City to stop Avery before she can kill Joe. Meanwhile, Jack tries to tell Phyllis why Victor shot him as Michael unsuccessfully interrogates Sage about how Gabriel really is. He might not have to wait long for an answer since Chelsea catches Gabriel admitting that he’s Adam. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers and find out what happens after Cane confronts Joe about sleeping with Lily.

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– Matt Purvis