“Stand up, Maya.” – Julius Avant

Find highlights from this past week’s episodes through the blurbs below and read Soaps.com’s daily soap opera recaps for a play by play of each day on “B&B,” “Days,” “GH” and “Y&R.”

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Julius admitted to Maya that he told people his son was dead then shocked her by claiming to want a fresh start. After Julius announced they’d be staying in Los Angeles, Vivienne questioned his change of heart. Nicole questioned it too and confronted her father. Julius then paid Rick a visit to be sure he was committed to his daughter. At Forrester, Aly acted as though she was onboard to make Maya the face of the California Freedom line, as well as using transgender models for the fashion show. Darla’s floating head urged Aly to put a stop to the madness at the company, which led Aly to put a plan into motion. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out how events unfolded at the fashion show.

Days of our Lives:
Will promised to stay quiet about Abby’s positive pregnancy test, which she hid in the trash. After Abby left, and received confirmation of the pregnancy from Kayla, Hope arrived with a housewarming gift, saw the test and took it. Elsewhere, as Stefano admitted to Chad that he wanted him with Abby because she was about to inherit a fortune, Cydle listened in through the bug. Eric broke up a fight between Nicole and his ex at Serena’s. Serena overheard Eric and Nicole discussing ‘what happened between them’ then unsuccessfully tried to get a recorded confession from Xander. Later, after Eric found Nicole moving into Daniel’s and professed his love, Daniel confided in Hope his plans to propose to Nicole. Over at the mansion, Theresa executed a plan to get rid of Tate’s nanny, which resulted in Brady agreeing to fire Hayley. Eve spied Jenn consoling Paige in the square and secretly drugged Jenn’s drink. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn what action JJ took when Paige refused to listen to his warnings about Kyle.