Casting moves.

Soap opera casting news in June included some new faces, some returns, a few cameos, and a handful of exit rumors.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
“B&B” cast the role of Thomas Forrester in June with newcomer Pierson Fode. Scott Turner Schofield appeared as Nick, Zach Conroy returned as Oliver, Tiesheko Houston played a Forrester model, and Zach Rance of “Big Brother” fame did another cameo as Zach. Fred Willard popped back in as John Forrester, and actor Rome Flynn began playing Zende Forrester. Find out which other Forrester man is due back through The Bold and the Beautiful comings and goings.

Days of our Lives:
June brought news that “All My Children” reboot actress, Sal Stowers, had been cast as a new Salem character, Lani. Nadia Sloane began playing Hayley, Spencer Neville returned as Derrick, Nancy DeMayo appeared as Maria, Tim Herzog played Mark, Michael Cardelle began his stint as Kyle, and Allison Paige returned as Bev. Melissa Paulo played Polly, Mieko Hillman returned as Sally, and Brendan Coughlin exited as Tad. Rumors of other possible exits included True O’Brien as Paige, Shawn Christian as Daniel, Daniel Cosgrove as Aiden, James Read as Clyde, Alisha Boe as Daphne, and Riley Bodenstab as Cole. Definitely departing is Lauren Boles as Ciara, Connor Kalopsis as Chase, and Terrell Ransom Jr. as Theo, who is being recast with an older actor. Find out when Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes will appear, as well as who else is returning down the road through Days of our Lives comings and goings.