Out and about after daytime.

This week Soaps.com located some film and primetime roles, directing gigs, a passing, fan Q&As and more for former actors of daytime soaps “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital” and “The Young and the Restless.”

Whatever happened to some of the original B&B cast?
Soaps.com readers have wondered what happened to some of the original actors who played Kristen Forrester, Donna Logan, Katie Logan and Storm Logan on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Though we’ve reported a few new projects for other original members, there isn’t much to pass on regarding these actors. Teri Ann Linn, who played Kristen from 1987 to 1994, went on to appear as Amanda on “Fallout” and Giulia Colombo in “Anni ’60” in 1999. As for those who portrayed the original Logan clan… Carrie Mitchum (ex-Donna, 1987 to 2001), Nancy Sloan (ex-Katie, 1987 to 2004) and Ethan Wayne (ex-Storm, 1987 to 2003) haven’t been seen since leaving their daytime roles. However, Mitchum was married to Casper Van Dien (ex-Ty Moody, “One Life to Live”) from 1993 to 1997 and shares two children with him. Sloan appeared on one episode of “Days of our Lives” in 1989 as Sally Wales.

Jennifer Finnigan lends her voice to Icky: An American Dog Story.
Meowwwww… Jennifer Finnigan was one of many actresses who played the role of Bridget Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” (2000 to 2004). She currently plays Molly Al-Fayeed on the FX series “Tyrant” and can be heard in the upcoming film “Icky: An American Dog Story.” Finnigan will voice the role of a cat boss named Kool Kitty, the nemesis of a New York City ‘made’ dog named Paw Poochini (Dan Lauria, “The Wonder Years,” “One Life to Live’s” ex- Gus Thompson). The story follows Kool Kitty’s plan to gain control of all of the pet stores by driving Paw Poochini out of business. Stay tuned for its release date. “General Hospital’s” Ronnie Marmo (ex-Ronnie Dimistico) also takes part in the project as Jefferson. Speaking of which…

Ronnie Marmo goes behind the scenes and directs Adam & Eve and Steve.
Ronnie Marmo played “General Hospital’s” Ronnie Dimistico for a few years before his character was shot and killed by John McBain (Michael Easton, “GH’s” Silas) in 2012. Since leaving daytime he’s appeared in a lot of primetime and film roles and is currently working alongside Katy Jacoby (ex-nurse, “General Hospital” and “Y&R,” ex-Sharon “Days of our Lives”). Marmo will direct, with Jacoby co-producing/co-directing, “Adam & Eve and Steve: The Musical,” which opens at Theatre 68’s NoHo Arts Center at 11136 Magnolia Boulevard in North Hollywood, California. The “controversial, fantasy, musical farce” is based on the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, except when the devil interferes a new person is added to the mix – Steve. The comedy will have the characters engaging in mischievous fun as they struggle to uncover what love has to offer. Tickets can be purchased through the link with performances running from July 10 through August 30.