“My son isn’t dead.” – Lucky Spencer

Maya’s father embraced her on “B&B.” Daniel attacked Xander on “Days.” Lucky dropped a bombshell on “GH,” and Nikki hit the bottle again on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Nicole refused to leave town with her mother Vivienne, who continued to reject Maya. Nicole defended Maya, who assured her mother she was no longer afraid of her father. Later, Julius joined Vivienne and Nicole, ordered his daughter home and referred to Maya as a freak. He felt as though he’d lost a son and refused to lose Nicole too. After Nicole stood her ground, Julius planned to leave town but Vivienne insisted that he go see his other daughter first. They arrived at the mansion, stared at Maya’s portrait and their rich surroundings. When Maya appeared, Julius embraced ‘his little girl’. Elsewhere, Aly continued to plan revenge against Steffy for stealing Liam from Ivy. She also ranted at Ridge for taking the company in an awful direction and vowed to deal with them all. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out who else landed on Aly’s revenge list.

Days of our Lives:
Daniel attacked Xander, who insisted he’d been in Chicago at the time of Eric and Nicole’s ordeal. Eric confronted Xander next then went to Serena for help to make him pay. After fighting in the park, JJ was arrested for underage drinking and taken to the station, where the new DA asked him to go undercover as a drug dealer. Elsewhere, Eve studied Laura Horton’s file and decided on a drug to give Jenn to mimic her mother’s past symptoms. She was then summonsed to the park, where Paige and an older man swindled her out of a sentimental ring worth a lot of cash. Stefano met with Victor, and the rivals agreed to join forces to take down Clyde. Many gathered for a party at the lake, where Abby began to feel nauseous and worried she might be pregnant. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn how Adrienne and Lucas reconnected and how Will unsuccessfully tried to change Sonny’s view of Paul.