Compromised and conflicted.

While some receive offers too good to be true, others are set to lose more than they bargained for.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
With the big news from Immigration threatening to upend her relationship with Liam, Ivy turns to Quinn for some advice. As Ivy makes a confession to her husband, Wyatt accelerates his bid to keep Steffy’s affections for himself. Meanwhile, Maya is moved when Ric asks her back to the mansion. But she’s substantially more skeptical when Ridge makes her a generous offer. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to discover who Caroline gets some help from.

Days of our Lives:
Feeling the heat from Xander, Nicole and Eric make a desperate move as they face death. Faced with rejection from Chad, Abby decides to take the leap with Ben. He gives her a shot at coming clean but that may be about as unlikely as Paige and JJ not squabbling. Across Salem, Will turns to Kate for help in his plot against Paul. And Theresa is ecstatic when Brady asks her to move into the mansion, only to find out that something could be getting in her way already. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out who faces a certain death.

General Hospital:
After Rosalie is forced to roll over on her boss, Sam goes straight to Nikolas to confront him about his plan to take over ELQ. That may not be enough to stop it though. As the prince continues to blackmail Rosalie, Lulu has a hard time keeping her secret from her husband. Across Port Charles, Dante and Valerie continue to get closer, while Franco tries to get Nina jealous by introducing her to his date. And Madeline demands an update from Ric. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to learn who has a surprise for Sonny.

The Young and the Restless:
Marisa tries to keep Jack cool as he rails about Marco. Back in Genoa City, Summer is furious after Victor is arrested. Billy is far happier about it, but Ashley worries that they may have been compromised by making this happen. Both she and Phyllis start to find it hard to recognize ‘Jack’ as the man they used to know. Meanwhile, Marco does his best to have the real Jack rubbed out. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers to find out what Lily does with Joe.

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– Matt Purvis