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Keep current with news, casting announcements, polls and more from “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital,” and “The Young and the Restless” in’s news rooms.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Flashback! Turn back time to 1993 when “B&B” viewers were shocked when Sheila Carter Forrester wanted to team up with Stephanie Forrester against Brooke Logan, despite Stephanie’s ill feelings toward Sheila. Do you remember what Sheila’s plans for Brooke were? Vote about it in our “B&B” Throwback Thursday poll. And did you find Ivy and Liam’s wedding as enjoyably awkward as Candace did in her “B&B” rant? Read all of that and more in’s The Bold and the Beautiful news room.

Days of our Lives:
Goodbye sometime friend. One of the younger actors on “Days” announced his character will soon be leaving Salem. Find out who. Then go back to 1998 when Peter Blake attacked Hope Brady while he was suffering from a bout of Jungle Madness. She was eventually rescued by Bo, but do you remember what jungle vision came upon Peter as his illness struck? Vote in the Throwback Thursday poll. And do you wish you could have seen some therapy scenes between Will and Sonny like Christine does in her weekly blog, deconstructing “DOOL?” Get all the news in’s Days of our Lives news room.

General Hospital:
Interview! Read’s Q&A with a recently-returned iconic actress and find out who she was talking about when she said “I hadn’t worked with anybody like that before who improvised in the moment, and I remember it being sort of exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.” Then watch the new web series of from one of “GH’s” other actresses. And in this week’s “GH” Throwback Thursday Poll, go back to 1982 in Port Charles when Laura Spencer simply vanished into the foggy night. Before, she had been trying to reach her family at home, but no luck. Do you remember why the Webber phone line was busy? Vote! And read Dustin’s Deconstructing “GH” to get his thoughts about all the lying in town, including the deceptions from Liz, Luke, and Laura. Read about it in the General Hospital news room.

The Young and the Restless:
One of the show’s actresses had her last day on set – get details about her departure. And one of the soap’s regulars was also seen in a primetime season premiere. See video of his aggressive scene. Then relive Jack vs. Victor circa 1993 on “Y&R” when Jack Abbott attacked Victor Newman with a fire poker over the tragic loss of his child with Nikki, despite Victor’s condolences. Do you remember how Victor was able to prevent getting hit? Vote in the Throwback Thursday poll. And Candace was pretty blown away by Ashley’s amazing recovery post-op – were you? Get her opinions about more of Genoa City’s current storylines as she deconstructs “Y&R,” along with the rest of the news in The Young and the Restless news room.

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– Hollie Deese