“The truth is overrated.”
– Quinn Fuller

Ridge asked Maya to return to Forrester on “B&B.” Eric and Nicole stripped down and kissed on “Days.” Luke and Laura came face to face with an old nemesis on “GH,” and Avery was raped on “Y&R.”

Soaps.com is back with episode highlights from last week. Watch the video highlights, read a bit about the drama and then get the complete daytime rundown in our detailed daily soap opera recaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Quinn stopped Ivy from telling Liam the immigration agent withdrew the deportation notice and urged her to remain Mrs. Liam Spencer. Ivy lied to Liam in order to stay his wife. Quinn privately admitted to Deacon that Ivy couldn’t be deported and that she wanted her to remain with Liam so Steffy would be free for Wyatt. Later, Ivy overheard Liam profess his love to Steffy and privately told Liam he could have her. Ivy confessed that she couldn’t be deported. Rick invited Maya to the mansion and asked her to move back in. Meanwhile, everyone welcomed Caroline back to work at Forrester Creations, where they were reminded that the public wanted Maya back in the spotlight. Ridge went to Maya and asked her to return to Forrester. Maya agreed, only if Ridge allowed Rick to return too. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to learn if Ridge gave in to Maya’s terms.

Days of our Lives:
Brady invited Theresa and Tate to stay at the mansion then later welcomed Paul to the family. Over at the park, while Bev and JJ kissed, Paige met a new drug dealer. Xander cranked up the heat and trapped Eric and Nicole in a room at Titian TV. They undressed to fight high temperatures, professed their mutual love and kissed. Elsewhere, Serena alerted Daniel to Xander’s violent tendencies. Daniel called Victor and soon, along with Brady and Serena, found Eric and Nicole suffering heatstroke. While Eric and Nicole recuperated at the hospital, Xander was delivered to Victor, who held a knife to his neck. Back at the hospital, Brady confronted Eric and Nicole after overhearing them discussing what happened between them. Stefano told someone by phone at the mansion that he refused to give up on the ‘Abigail Deveraux situation’ then stunned many by his reappearance in Salem. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn how Ben found out that Abby cheated and how Chad outed Will to Sonny.