Slipping up and slapped.

Big gestures, small rewards, and when therapy goes wrong.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Never a stranger to big gestures, Liam makes another one in a bid to solve Ivy’s legal issues. However, he soon starts to think that he should have spent a little more time contemplating the consequences. Pretty soon, Steffy hears about the promise he made to Ivy and is furious. This, plus the latest information Wyatt digs up, could aid in his getting together with Steffy. The fact that Bill and Quinn are also pushing for it can’t hurt either. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers to discover who has an apology to make to Ridge and Caroline.

Days of our Lives:
After having a big fight with Serena, Eric storms away and finds Nicole just as she is being attacked by a furious Xander. They escape the angry man together, and she comes clean with Eric about her latest exploits. Meanwhile, Eve continues her vendetta against Jennifer as Paige keeps pushing JJ away. He turns to Bev for some comfort. Across Salem, Will might need some comfort of his own after his plan to force his couple’s therapy sessions to pan out the way he wants backfires. Read the Days of our Lives spoilers to find out what has Justin and Kate clashing.

General Hospital:
Lulu finally gets the truth out of Luke and starts having terrible dreams. This is only made worse by how close Valerie is getting to Dante. The awkwardness spreads around Port Charles as Jordan winds up in debt to Sonny and Denise puts some pressure on Silas. Meanwhile, Sabrina has a confession to make and Rosalie may have to make one of her own after she is threatened. Read’s General Hospital spoilers to learn who gets some dirt for Nikolas.

The Young and the Restless:
After some badgering, Kyle comes clean with Summer. Meanwhile, Billy and Ashley discuss their brother’s embezzlement scam. Across Genoa City, Sage agrees to move in with Nick but worries about how Sharon will take it. They fill her in and, soon after, Dylan is moving in with Sharon. Things are feeling less comfortable for Phyllis after she reads one of Yack’s text messages about someone dying. The mask starts to slip when Marco starts railing at Kyle for messing up his latest plan. Visit The Young and the Restless spoilers and find out why Lily slaps Michael.

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– Matt Purvis