“Nobody plays me.” – Xander Kiriakis

Liam married Ivy on “B&B.” Xander wrapped his hands around Nicole’s neck on “Days.” The truth surrounding Luke and Laura’s reunion was revealed on “GH,” and Jack resurfaced on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Liam married Ivy to keep her in the country but warned it was only on paper, due to his feelings for Steffy. Steffy visited Ridge and Caroline and apologized for her prior objections to their relationship. She shared news that Liam planned to break up with Ivy in order to reunite with her. After Liam summonsed Steffy, they shared a kiss before he revealed his sudden marriage of convenience to Ivy. Steffy slapped Liam, who promised he only wanted a life, including children, with her. She refused to share him with Ivy, told Liam she was done with him and stormed off. Ivy ended up convincing Liam that they could make a real go of their marriage and never revealed that the immigration agent found the correct paperwork her parents had filed, which allowed Ivy to stay in the States – with or without Liam’s help. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to learn what Wyatt told Steffy in regards to Ivy and Liam’s marriage.

Days of our Lives:
Eric retrieved the elephant statue from Daniel, confronted Serena about the blood diamonds and was upset to learn she’d moved on from him to Xander so quickly. Serena admitted her initial quest was to get the diamonds from Eric’s elephant but claimed she’d fallen in love with him. Eric was livid and rushed off to locate Xander. Meanwhile, Navidad arranged for Xander to get Nicole alone at Titan TV, where he accused her of leading him on and began strangling her. Eric rushed in and after a brief scuffle, he and Nicole raced off and hid. Xander texted Daniel and Marlena from Eric’s cell to deter suspicion then tried to track Eric and Nicole through a surveillance camera. Paige went to Eve’s to collect her belongings, while Bev found JJ upset in the park. Elsewhere, Will lied to his psychiatrist in order to ensure positive sessions with Sonny. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn why Justin demanded Kate hire Paul.