“Holding you in my arms, it’s like I’m holding Ava.” – Morgan Corinthos

An immigration agent surfaced on “B&B.” Abby slapped Chad on “Days.” Morgan and Ava kissed on “GH,” and Lily learned of Cane and Lauren’s kiss on “Y&R.”

If you missed any of last week’s drama-filled episodes Soaps.com has some highlights to bring you up to speed, as well as detailed daily soap opera recaps for those who’d like to read exactly what went down on all four shows.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Aly told Ivy she caught Steffy kissing Liam then was thrown out of a meeting for confronting Liam. Steffy became emotional, knowing Liam’s heart was with Ivy. After Ivy suggested Wyatt ask Steffy out, he kissed Steffy. Liam learned of the kiss and became upset. Steffy warned she’d move on unless Liam admitted he wanted her. Elsewhere, an immigration agent confronted Ivy for not filing for dual citizenship correctly. He ordered her back to Australia and warned she may never return to the States. When Ivy confided her fears to Quinn of deportation and losing Liam, Quinn thought of Wyatt’s interest in Steffy and urged Ivy to fight to stay for Liam. Ivy went to find Liam and overheard him telling Steffy that he wanted what they had back. Later, as Liam confessed his reemerging feelings for Steffy to Ivy, she shared her deportation troubles and asked Liam to marry her. Read the Bold and the Beautiful daily recaps to find out how Ridge helped ease Caroline’s fears.

Days of our Lives:
Nicole uncovered information that proved Xander had done time for murder, as Daniel discovered the secret compartment in the elephant statue and informed Eric. He confronted Serena. Abby and Chad had sex on the lawn at the mansion. Later, Chad overheard Abby profess her love to Ben via phone and acted as though he’d used her. Abby slapped Chad, stormed off and Stefano appeared demanding answers for his actions. Elsewhere, Ben worried about Abby’s recent withdrawal and downloaded a spy app on her cell. Many gathered at TBD for Arianna’s birthday party, where Kate announced that Lucas and Adrienne were sleeping together and how affairs always come out. Abby appeared guilty. Will shared his article on Clyde with Kate, as Hope and Rafe suspected he was connected to Sonny’s stabbing. Clyde heard Hope had taken an interest in him and ordered Stan to follow her. Stan reported to Clyde that Hope went to Victor’s, where Clyde later appeared and threatened him. Read our Days of our Lives daily recaps to learn what plan Eve came up with after Googling Laura Horton.