"Y&R" (Sean Smith/JPI)

“I know who you are.” – Victor Newman

Rick made Bill an offer on “B&B.” Melanie said goodbye to Brady on “Days.” Luke and Laura resurfaced on “GH,” and Cane and Lauren kissed on “Y&R.”

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The Bold and the Beautiful:
Eric was appalled by Ridge, Steffy and Liam’s plan to take over the company by using Bill’s shares and reached out to Rick. After professing his continued love to Maya, Rick took a risk, went to Bill and asked him to team up with him and Eric against Ridge. If Bill put his shares with his and Eric’s, Rick guaranteed that Ridge would have to answer to Bill. Elsewhere, Ivy made it clear to Steffy that she wouldn’t tolerate her pursuing Liam. Steffy reminded Ivy of her and Liam’s history. Later, with all parties present Bill announced he would side with Rick on one condition – Maya had to go. After Bill called Maya a disgrace, Rick punched him. Ridge, Steffy and Liam then celebrated, believing they had won. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps for Maya’s reaction to Rick defending her.

Days of our Lives:
Things turned physical between Eve and Jenn, as JJ unsuccessfully tried to win Paige back. Elsewhere, Brady was devastated but understood why Melanie felt the need to leave Salem in order to ensure Theresa never used Tate as a weapon with him. At home, Sonny couldn’t deny that he was still in love with Paul then left Will to Kate and Clyde, who arrived on business. Over talk of Will’s trip to Poplar Bluff he admitted Clyde was well-liked, except by Jeremiah. Clyde urged Will to include what Jeremiah said in the interview, which would prove how much he’d changed. Before Serena and Eric left for Hawaii, Xander sent her a memento of their time together – a photo of them in bed. Eric saw it and confronted Serena. Meanwhile, Daniel trashed Xander to Victor, who later informed Xander of his disappointment in him. Read our Days of our Lives Daily Recaps to learn how things turned passionate between Abby and Chad.