Credit: "Days" (Howard Wise/JPI Studios)

“That baby was mine!” – Shawn Butler

Liam aligned with Ridge and Steffy on “B&B.” Serena accused Xander of wanting Nicole dead on “Days.” Shawn was forced to make a hard decision on “GH,” and someone died on “Y&R.”

Read’s highlights from last week’s episodes and for a more in-depth look at what went on in all four soaps read our Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Liam lashed out at his father for going against his promise to him and exploiting Maya. Bill had no regrets and reminded Liam it was a business decision. Though he had a hard time accepting what Bill’s publicity did to Maya, Liam admitted to Ivy he could live with it as long as it protected her and Caroline. Caroline visited Rick to show her support but couldn’t help be upset that Maya had been judgmental of her when she had kept a secret as well. When Ridge couldn’t convince Eric to remove Rick from the company, he summoned Steffy to Forrester and agreed to a hostile takeover. They called a meeting with Liam, wanting to put their shares together, and insisted Bill stay out of the equation. Liam agreed and Ivy was unsettled to learn he and Steffy would be working together. Later, Ridge, Steffy and Liam stunned Eric with their powerplay. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to hear how Rick was able to find Maya.

Days of our Lives:
Hope learned about Will’s trip to Poplar Bluff and his article on Clyde. Rafe visited Will, who shared Clyde’s threats against him. Later, after it was revealed DiMera Enterprises owned Sonix, Chad asked Will to turn over everything on Clyde. While Rafe met with Hope and discussed Clyde, he asked Aiden to do more work for him. Kimberly went to the hospital and urged Theresa to move back to Los Angeles with her. Melanie visited soon after and Theresa admitted she loved Brady but would only stay in Salem with the baby if Melanie left. Melanie wanted Tate to be raised by both parents and told Brady she was leaving town. Serena saw Navidad in the square then accused Xander of bringing her to Salem to kill Nicole. While Daniel expressed his displeasure to Xander, in regards to Nicole, Serena warned Nicole that Xander could hurt her and was having her followed. Read our Days of our Lives Daily Recaps to learn who Victor introduced to Kate as her new boss.