Credit: "Y&R" (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

“Please don’t walk away from me.” – Rick Forrester

Rick was in a car accident on “B&B.” Paige learned about Eve and JJ’s affair on “Days.” Anna admitted she killed Carlos on “GH,” and Kelly was found dead on “Y&R.”

If you weren’t able to watch every episode last week, has you covered with highlights and full Daily Soap Opera Recaps for each show.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Maya shared her emotional journey with Rick, who related as to why she hadn’t told him sooner – just like he had kept his identity from her. Rick expressed his love for Maya and wanted her to remain in his life. It wasn’t long before Bill’s article on Maya reached many. Katie was furious with Bill, who received backlash from Rick and Eric. Rick became overwhelmed, which caused Maya to drive away from Big Bear. As Rick followed by car, and pleaded by phone for Maya to pull over, he ended up in an accident. Rick was rescued and brought to the mansion, where Eric and Brooke urged him to rest and give Maya space. Before he could get a hold of Maya, Ridge appeared with her resignation. Rick ended up attacking Ridge, who reported to Eric and insisted he check Rick’s contract and remove him from Forrester. Eric asked Rick to resign. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to hear how Ridge reacted to seeing Caroline in a wheelchair.

Days of our Lives:
Will returned home and found Paul holding Arianna. Paul explained the sitter’s absence and wanted to clear the air but punched Will for badmouthing Tori. Sonny appeared and sent Paul away, as Will acted innocent. Paul later set Sonny straight. Stefano returned Marlena to Salem then met with Chad. JJ confronted Eve for having drugs planted on him then followed her home where she learned Paige was moving to California. Eve threatened to tell Paige about their affair. After JJ left, Paige emerged, having overheard everything, and slapped her mother hard across the face. She then went and whacked JJ across the head in front of his family and friends for the affair with her mother. Elsewhere, Xander realized Nicole saw the elephant photo on his cell and suggested Serena leave town immediately. He then ordered Navidad to follow Nicole and Daniel and make Nicole disappeared, if need be. Read our Days of our Lives Daily Recaps to learn how Melanie responded to Brady’s proposal and what unexpected news Kimberly had for Theresa.