Credit: "GH" (Sean Smith/JPI Studios)

“I don’t think you do.” – Adam Newman

Maya told Rick her secret on “B&B.” Marlena was kidnapped on “Days.” Duke died on “GH,” and Neil punched Billy on “Y&R.”

Missed any of last week’s episodes? has the rundown of highs and lows, as well as a more thorough look into each episode through our Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Ridge learned Nicole told Wyatt about Maya and worried what Bill would do with the information. Brooke was aghast to hear Wyatt had been told and reported the news to Eric. Nicole met with Wyatt and asked if he told his family about Maya. Brooke and Ridge appeared and wanted to know as well. Once Ridge realized Bill knew, he went to Spencer and told him to stay quiet. Katie did too and refused to let Bill make a spectacle of Maya. Though Bill promised Katie the information wouldn’t be released via Spencer, he ordered Justin to run the story and gave him a headline and a photo to go with it. Rick took Maya to Big Bear to pamper her with romance. When he proposed, Maya insisted on telling him about her past. She gave a little back story on her childhood and admitted her parents raised her as a boy. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to hear who told Brooke and Eric to prepare for the worst.

Days of our Lives:
Brady introduced John to his son then learned John had another son too. As Paul arrived at Sonny’s, who remained committed to Will, Jeremiah gave Will a tour in Poplar Bluff and filled him in on Clyde’s reputation. Abby arrived at the mansion with condolences for Chad but refrained from giving in to passion due to Ben, who legally changed his last name to Weston. As Abby objected to Ben’s decision, Nicole found a connection between Xander and Serena. Marlena was kidnapped then delivered to Stefano in Italy. He threatened to have Marlena thrown out the window to her death. Roman and Abe suspected Stefano and went to Chad for help. Chad called his father, heard Marlena’s screams and warned if Stefano hurt her, Chad would disown him. Marlena soon called Roman. Having evaded a police search, JJ found drugs in his backpack and suspected Eve, who lashed out at Cole for screwing up their plan. Read our Days of our Lives Daily Recaps to learn what Brady and Theresa renamed Christopher.