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Keep current on all the news, casting bits and fun polls for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital,” and “The Young and the Restless” in’s always-updated newsrooms.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Go back to 1997 on “B&B” when it was a stranger that Maggie Forrester Warwick turned to when her husband James was spending too much time with Sheila Carter. The kind man listened to her troubles and told her she deserved better. Do you remember who this person was? Vote in our Throwback Thursday poll. And did you think Ridge spreading Maya’s secret around wasn’t really his place like Candace does? Read her thoughts on that and vote about how you want Rick to find out in her weekly blog “B&B” Breakdown, all in’s The Bold and the Beautiful News Room.

Days of our Lives:
Big return! A favorite “Days” actress is set to return to Salem – find out when! Then go back to 1988 when Adrienne Kiriakis fooled around with Emilio Ramirez – and then Justin found out. To mess with her head Justin took her to make out at one of her rendezvous spots with Emilio. She couldn’t handle it and demanded to go home. Do you remember where Justin took her? Vote now in our Throwback Thursday poll. And do you think Will should have gone right to Rafe and Hope with Clyde’s threats like Christine does in Deconstructing “DOOL,” her weekly blog? Read that and more in’s Days of our Lives News Room.

General Hospital:
Big departure. An iconic “GH” actor will soon be saying goodbye to Port Charles while another actor said hello to a new baby at home. Exclusive interview! Read’s Q&A with Michelle Stafford about Nina Clay and the upcoming live shows. Love Patrick and Emma’s duet? Own it now – find out how! Then vote in the Throwback Thursday Poll about the time in 2001 when Chloe Morgan was murdered after realizing Lucien Cane was really Stavros Cassadine. Do you remember how she had figured it out? Vote in our Throwback Thursday poll with your answer. And were you as touched by Alicia Leigh Willis’ return as Spencer’s mom Courtney Matthews as Dustin was? Get his views on the pick, the Nurses’ Ball and more in his weekly “GH” Rundown and more in the General Hospital News Room.

The Young and the Restless:
Writing change. A longtime “Y&R” writer has left Genoa City. Guest spot! A daytime veteran will soon appear in an otherworldly role. Get the details. Then go back to 1984 when Nikki Newman tracked down her husband Victor’s mom, Cora Miller. Do you remember what Cora was first worried about in seeing her son again? Vote in our Throwback Thursday poll. And do you think Summer and Kyle’s characters both need a reboot like Candace does? Read her opinion about that and the week’s worth of bedside speeches for Yack in her weekly blog, Restless Rant. Read that and more in The Young and the Restless News Room.

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– Hollie Deese