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Soap ins and outs.

In April soap opera casting news there was some notable exits, some fun returns, and some new faces cast.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
This month brought the two-day reappearance of Kim Matula as Hope. Also, Katherine Clark, Amanda Riley, Shiya Zhao, Tatiane Souza, and Koreen all played Forrester models in April. Zane Achor returned as Baby Will, Zach Conroy was back as Oliver, Othello Clark appeared as Othello, and Tom Lind popped back in as the pilot of the Spencer jet. Michael Blain-Rozgay was the jeweler who interacted with Rick at month’s end, and news broke that transgender actor Scott Turner Schofield had been hired to play Maya’s friend and mentor. Read more about the new role through The Bold and the Beautiful Comings and Goings.

Days of our Lives:
April brought news of upcoming exits in Salem. Melissa Archer is departing as Serena, but will be seen through the summer, Molly Burnett is out as Melanie and will air through the end of May, and Freddie Smith is exiting as Sonny, though he will be seen for another 5 to 6 months. Wally Kurth and Judi Evans, who play Sonny’s parents Justin and Adrienne, were moved to contract status from recurring. Eileen Davidson wrapped up her latest stint as Kristen on April 29. Two casting calls were issued, one for a strong actress to portray a frail, sweet female Caucasian patient in the late 40s – 60 year age range, and the second for a 40 – 55 year old Hispanic male to play Peruvian specialist, Dr. Salinas. Paola Grande appeared as a nurse in April, and it was revealed that Shon Lange was cast to play an agent in May. Victoria Hande will appear as a Paige lookalike in June. Patsy Pease shared her return dates as Kimberly, and another actress’ name was added to the list of those returning for “Days” 50th anniversary this summer. Find out who she is through Days of our Lives Comings and Goings.