Thrown together.

Tied up and going down.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Rick decides it is high time to tie the knot with Maya. He’s still out of the loop about her past, but that might not last for much longer if Carter gets his way. The circle of people who know her secret is set to get larger. Wyatt and Nicole get closer and she feels tempted to blab all about Myron’s past. Across town, Brooke continues to berate Deacon about what a bad plan it is to marry Quinn Check out The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers to discover how far Brooke will go.

Days of our Lives:
As Kate is forced to pay a high price to get what she wants, Sonny gets to hear exactly what he doesn’t want when his mom tells him she’s been sleeping with his husband’s father. Meanwhile, Brady does his best to try to outwit Kristen so that he can get the truth out of her and his baby back. Across Salem, Serena does her best to get the diamonds back and Jenn tries all the tricks she can to crack why Eve was bottoming for JJ. Read the Days of our Lives Spoilers to find out who Will recruits to keep Victor from meddling in his marriage.

General Hospital:
The future looks grim for Duke and Anna. When the mobster goes after Julian, Anna gets between the two men and, pretty soon, one of them is dead. It’s not the only romance to end badly. Ned comes clean with Olivia about his feelings for her and then decides it’s time to leave Port Charles. Meanwhile, Dante and Valerie continue to get thrown together while Sabrina draws closer to the truth about what’s really happening to Michael. Read’s General Hospital Spoilers to learn who Spinelli turns to for help.

The Young and the Restless:
As Jack is trying to get free from being held captive by Kelly, Victor plows ahead with his plan to bury Jack with the video footage. Meanwhile, Paul and Dylan bicker about Sharon and the cop threatens to drop him in jail. Paul remains determined to see Neil go down. Across Genoa City, tensions run high as both Christine and Nikki get grilled on the stand. Visit The Young and the Restless Spoilers and find out when Victor’s secret partner is revealed.

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– Matt Purvis