Postponed and paranoid.

A big secret comes out as others are desperately kept in the shadows.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Quinn’s return to Forrester rattles Ivy’s cage. Liam vows to make sure that he pushes Rick out of his seat of power. Meanwhile, Katie questions Brooke and hopes her sister gets some support. Deacon seems to be the one to give it to her, which only makes Quinn more paranoid, especially after she discovers that Brooke is Deacon’s secret AA friend. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers to discover who is blackmailing Maya.

Days of our Lives:
As Will starts to write another expose of Paul, Melanie continues to unearth the truth about Theresa and Brady’s attacks. Meanwhile, Eve and Cole plot to keep her daughter from Deveraux as JJ confesses his affair to Daniel. Across Salem, Adrienne and Lucas get into a heated argument that leads to them getting intimate. And Clyde turns to Victor with a request concerning Kate. Read the Days of our Lives Spoilers to find out who ruins Chad’s week.

General Hospital:
As Anna and Jordan have to come clean with Sloane, Olivia is blackmailed, forcing her to take actions that surprise Carly. Across Port Charles, Jake begins having memories involving Sam as Ric does his best to push the amnesiac out of Liz’s life for good. As Spencer stumbles on some information about his father, the truth about Luke’s past is finally revealed. Read’s General Hospital Spoilers to learn who Duke wants eliminated.

The Young and the Restless:
Anxiety about the murder continues to leave everyone rattled. While Ashley starts accusing Abby of getting too close to Ben, Sharon reveals what she knows about Nick and blackmails him over Faith. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Billy decide to postpone their wedding as news of Kelly’s death circulates. Across Genoa City, Kyle pops the question while Michael plans romance for Lauren. Visit The Young and the Restless Spoilers and find out why Jill and Cane are battling it out at Chancellor.

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– Matt Purvis