Conniving and conspiring.

The scheming gets complicated when schemes risk exposure.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
Caroline and Brooke square off over Ridge. Brooke claims she could get him back by snapping her fingers. She quickly sets about ruining things for Ridge and Caroline. Meanwhile, Liam’s plot against Rick includes collaborating with Steffy, which doesn’t exactly make Ivy comfortable. The plot expands after Rick gets on Wyatt’s bad side. And Maya thinks she has a man for Nicole. Check out The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers to find out how Bill plans to win Katie over.

Days of our Lives:
Aiden has to work fast to cover up his secret as Hope and Ciara arrive at his vacation house. Back in Salem, Paul reveals one of his secrets to Sonny while Abby is furious to learn what caused the latest fight between Ben and Chad. Meanwhile, there is another brutal attack in town that leaves someone’s life in danger. And Serena’s alternative motives are in danger of being discovered by Eric. Read the Days of our Lives Spoilers to find out why Daniel is lecturing Melanie and Brady.

General Hospital:
As Dante and Nathan race to save lives, Jake gets more flashes of what he’s been doing. Across Port Charles, Sloane and Julian strike a deal, but things are not looking quite so bright for Sonny. Meanwhile, Nina realizes she’s in danger and makes a plan with Franco. And Nikolas finally snaps at Helena and threatens to kill her. Read’s General Hospital Spoilers to learn who has some terrible news.

The Young and the Restless:
Phyllis is informed that she’s on her way to Fairview to avoid criminal prosecution, but Christine is still bent on putting her away. Across Genoa City, Jill tries to put together the money she needs to buy Chancellor. Cane warns her about accepting help from Colin, who gets busy trying to blackmail cash out of Devon. And Ben gets ready to move in with Victoria. Visit The Young and the Restless Spoilers and find out who outwits Colin.

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– Matt Purvis