Your questions answered!

Recently, we posted a survey asking for your assistance with the redesign of our website which will launch this spring. There were various comments, and questions about the launch and the current site. We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions which are answered below.

Q: Some things about are extremely annoying including this survey about improvement. If suggestions for improvement were really desired, there should have been a comment block on each question which makes me seriously doubt that what I am typing will ever be read by anyone.

We would have loved if there was a way for us to add a comment section for each question but unfortunately, there wasn’t an option for that. You can still provide us with feedback by emailing us at We did read each and every comment made on the survey. That was the whole point of the survey! In fact, I read every comment myself as the Editor-in-Chief and as a soap fan and reader and poster of Even though the comments were all read, we’re in no way bound to use the ideas provided. That being said, there were a few excellent ideas that we’ve decided to implement, though we’re keeping mum on those until the launch!

Q: I am finding that the information in the spoiler content has decreased greatly over time.

A: It has but this is not our decision. This is coming from each studio. Soaps are a business like any other and giving too much away about what’s to come for any show could mean a loss of viewership. It’s a smart business move. We always post whatever the studio provides according to their guidelines which state what to post, and when to post it. We also do not change the wording on any of their spoilers, so what you see is coming directly from studio PR.

Q: It would be great if the site didn’t constantly freeze up even after refreshing page, etc.

A: We agree. This will change. This was an ad issue and we have since removed a few large ads and so far it appears as though this issue may have cleared up some. From now until the redesign, we’ll be removing more ads, changing ads to better suit your needs, and with that you’ll notice the site becoming faster once again.

Q: Knowing I won’t get spam email if I sign up for an account.

A: You would never get spam from if you signed up for an account. It’s never happened. We encourage all readers to please read through our company privacy policy which explains this in depth. It’s a good idea to read these statements before you sign up on any website. Please protect yourselves!

Q: Talk about better writing on soaps.

A: We actually do. We’ve been doing so for years and are sorry you’ve been missing out. Each Friday, four soap journalists from our team write and post a blog for all four soaps. They’re not summaries, but opinion pieces. You can find the “B&B” Breakdown, Deconstructing “DOOL,” “General Hospital Rundown,” and “Y&R’s” Restless Rant in each corresponding ‘News Room’ a while after the Friday episodes air.

Q: Remove the old soaps from menu of present soaps … Make an archive columns.

A: We will be changing how you’ll see archived soaps with the redesign and think you’ll approve!

Q: Make sure the videos work. Sometimes they don’t work.

A: The videos that creates work for all but we have been told some of the videos from the studios do not play in all geographical areas. This is unfortunate and happens even for some of our writers including myself. The issue lies with the website that we embed the videos from, not because of anything we’re doing.

Q: Give us previews by end of Friday afternoon.

A: You mean promo videos. We’d love to but we have no control over when these videos get out. We have wait for the studios before we run them on our website and unfortunately, there is no specific time that the studios release them.

Q: Closer monitoring of Message Board. Guidelines are too often ignored, perhaps mainly unless other posters report the breaches to the Administrators.

A: Guidelines are ignored on any website whether or not moderators are present. Our message board guidelines state that we do not babysit our message boards, though we do review them several times per day. There will be changes to the new message boards with the redesign of the entire site which should reveal a report post button and an ignore feature. This is to make your experience a better one.

Q: I wish there were notifications and private messaging enabled on comments/message board. Having to reload to check for replies is annoying, and it’s harder to make friends when you can’t go off list without sharing your email publicly.

A: This will change with the new message board. You’ll find that there will be a private message function.

Q: Navigation on my cell phone isn’t ideal. Will this change?

A: Yes with the redesign we’re also making our site more mobile friendly.

Q: The look of the site will change but will the content?

A: The content will all stay the same, but we will roll out a little more.

Thank-you so much to everyone who took the time out of their day to participate in our survey and special thanks to those who left comments and feedback. We studied each comment and have already made a few improvements and there will be more to come.

The launch of the redesign is estimated at mid-April 2015.

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– Christine Fix