A week’s worth of drama in a day.

Hope lost her baby on “B&B.” Melanie’s crime was exposed on “Days.” Carly learned about Jason on “GH,” and Adam talked to Sharon on “Y&R.”

Read our excerpts and highlights from last week’s episodes, which can be found in full in Soaps.com’s Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
While Wyatt refused Deacon’s request to hold off on the restraining order, Liam found Quinn with Hope and accused her of pushing her down the stairs. Liam rushed Hope to the hospital, where they learned she lost the baby. Hope was devastated. Wyatt arrived, having heard of the accident from Quinn. Hope shared that they’d lost their son but that his mother hadn’t pushed her. However, Hope claimed none of this would’ve happened had Wyatt kept Quinn away. Liam, Bill and Wyatt blamed Quinn, as word of Hope’s miscarriage spread. Later, Liam found Hope at the scene of the accident. She professed her love for him then announced plans to leave LA. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to hear how Katie reacted to Bill’s kiss before he went off and found Quinn standing on the edge of a rooftop.

Days of our Lives:
Nicole alerted Brady to the thugs chasing Melanie, who ended up being casino marshals. Melanie returned the money from counting cards. Money wasn’t all Melanie lost… She lost a prospective friend, and gained an enemy, after finding out who Theresa was. Elsewhere in Salem, Serena admitted to Eric she hoped to reconnect with him romantically. Eric couldn’t deny how much they’d loved each other. Over at TBD, Sonny reminisced with Adrienne about his past with Paul and felt Will didn’t need to know. He later learned of major issues regarding his second business venture, to which Paul offered to help. Will returned home but didn’t tell Sonny that the studio had dumped him. Sonny kept a secret as well, Paul. Bree’s sister Lisa appeared troubled to see Aiden and Hope kissing in the square. Not long after, Bree called Hope and warned being with Aiden would be deadly. Read our Days of our Lives Daily Recaps to learn who Victor and Rafe teamed up against.