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Turn to’s regularly updated news rooms for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital,” and “The Young and the Restless” for all the latest info on fan events, guest appearances and casting changes.

The Bold and the Beautiful:
A “B&B” fan favorite comments on a rumored return. A former actor’s run ended on a popular reality show. And it was back in the mid-2000s when Phoebe Forrester tried to keep Shane McGrath close to her for her mother Taylor’s sake. Someone interrupted the pair when Shane got to close to Phoebe and warned her off him. Do you remember who it was? Vote in our Throwback Thursday poll, then vote about which costumes you’d like to the characters dressed up in for Halloween. And see if you agree with Candace that Eric should reconsider passing on Forrester Creations to either Rick or Ridge in her weekly blog “B&B” Breakdown, all in’s The Bold and the Beautiful News Room.

Days of our Lives:
A “Days” actress says goodbye to Salem. A former actress from the show can soon be seen in a new holiday movie, and a former actor will appear on a primetime show. An injured actor updates his fans about his health status. Then go back to 1999 when Carrie Brady left town after Austin decided to divorce her. Do you remember where she went? Vote now in our Throwback Thursday poll, then vote about how you would have preferred to have seen Sami leave town. And see if you feel like Christine does about Sami’s final farewell in her blog Deconstructing “DOOL,” all in’s Days of our Lives News Room.

General Hospital:
A former “GH” heartthrob has a new music video out, while a current hunk brought his side gig to set. Florida fans are in for a treat in December, and some Port Charles players popped up on a popular talk show. Then vote in the Throwback Thursday Poll about the time back in 1981 when Tracy Quartermaine planned to get rich off her ex-husband Lord Larry Ashton, but he lost his wealth and his title. Do you remember how? Then see if you agree with Vi that it was pretty vile of Madeline to make Sam think Danny’s cancer returned in her weekly “GH” Rundown, all in the General Hospital News Room.

The Young and the Restless:
Stars from “Y&R” are scheduled to appear on a popular talk show. A former actress from Genoa City has a new primetime role. Then go back to 1997 when Ryan McNeil prevented Nina from committing suicide by pulling the gun away from her head. Unfortunately the gun went off and she was shot anyway. Do you remember where? Vote about it in our Throwback Thursday poll. And see if you agree with Candace that Phyllis already probably knows about Jack’s involvement with another woman in her weekly blog, Restless Rant, all in The Young and the Restless News Room.

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– Hollie Deese