Given the coverage that is set to take place in New York City, and its surrounding areas, of the installation of Timothy Dolan as archbishop of New York, some of the soap opera airings will be affected on Wednesday April 15.

Though ABC’s All My Children will begin as normal, it may be interrupted with the scheduled 1:30 PM special news report, which will spill into airings of One Life to Live and General Hospital. However, ABC’s New York digital channel 7.1 will be bringing viewers the ABC soaps as normal.

Keep in mind, though CBS’ morning slots for Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless will not be impacted by this, As The World Turns and The Bold and the Beautiful will be – and will air sometime overnight.

As for NBC’s Days of Our Lives, be sure to watch it an hour before its normal time, as that’s when the network will be offering it to viewers. asks that everyone check their local listings, but feel free to print this article out as a cheat sheet reminder!