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Christmas with the Soap Stars!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at!’s ex-Fashion House) Editor and Soap Journalist, Shannon Burrell talks holidays with Days of Our Lives’ Eileen Galindo, who plays Beverly Healy. Shannon asks Eileen what holidays she is celebrating this year.

Eileen tells Shannon, Oh Christmas! You know, our family has a tradition that’s been going on for at least 50 years now. It used to be at my Great Uncle’s (who has passed on now), but through the years different people (cousins etc) have taken it on. On Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) we roast a huge pig in a pit. They (the men) start at 5 in the morning and they roast this huge pig and the women all make the sides (the rice, the beans, the fresh bread.) etc. We set up tables in my cousin’s garage and usually anywhere from 50-75 people show.

Shannon comments “Wow! That’s going to be a busy one! and Eileen goes on to talk family.Yeah. It’s great too because you get to see the cousins that you haven’t seen in a year and the kids that they bring and you are like ‘Who the heck is that?’ She tells Shannon that the main course is to be a roast pork, boasting that “The Cuban roast pork is the best and lots of eggnog!” Some laughter ensues and Shannon agrees, “What’s a holiday without the eggnog? Eileen admits that the holidays are for family for her. She shares her holiday wish for the fans out there.”I wish them [the fans] a lot of drama in their lives!” More laughter from both Shannon and Eileen and he agrees that it’s the perfect holiday wish for them.


Matthew Morrison (ex-Adam Hughes, As the World Turns) recently spoke with ATWT Contributing Editor, Misti Sandefur. Misti asks Matthew, “With the holidays looming, can you tell your fans how you’ll be celebrating the holidays this year?” Matthew responds, “This Christmas I will be in St. Louis with my girlfriend (Chrishell Stause from All My Children) and her family!”

Christine Fix (Editor-in-Chief; had the opportunity to ask Adrian Bellani (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, Passions about his Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions.

Adrian Bellani told’s Editor in Chief, Christine Fix, about how he celebrates Christmas. “Christmas and New Years were rough when I was growing up. My parents got divorced when I was 10, so these holidays were split up. Usually it was Christmas with my mother and New Years with my father. It was hard going back and forth, or deciding who we wanted to spend what holiday with. As far as Christmas, same deal as thanksgiving including the food. (I previously interviewed him about Thanksgiving.) We all got together at my grandfathers and had a really late Latino dinner (around 10 pm) lots and lots of fireworks are going off, very noisy and not a typical Christmas. When the clock strikes 12, that’s when all the fireworks go off, and we begin to open presents (as a family). For some reason I thought everybody partied on Christmas, but apparently not. Around 1:30am anyone over the age of 16 has an excuse to go out until sunrise. And that is what we did. My brother and I would always go together. We would stop by at my dads, give him a kiss and then go out. We came home around 6-7am and find presents on our bed. Despite everything, Santa Clause knew I was a good boy!”

___________ Editor -in-Chief and Contributing Editor of DOOL, Christine Fix asks Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Brady Days of Our Lives) about how she spends Christmas!

As she told, previously, “Every year I usually spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my immediate family which would consist of my sister Jessica, my Mom, my dad, and the now, four dogs. It’s usually just the four of us unless it’s our year with grandma; she tries to alternate every year with each side of the family ‘to be fair.'” She goes on to entertain me with her thoughts on Christmas!