Julie Berman (GH's Lulu) (ABC)

Happy New Year from Soaps.com!

All of the Editors at Soaps.com have compiled their interviews with the soap stars to give you the chance to find out the scoop on what the stars are all doing this New Year’s Eve!

Julie Clark Robinson (Soaps.com’s General Hospital Editor) took a chance to ask Kirsten Storms, (Maxie Jones, GH)

Julie: What is a normal New Year’s Eve like for you?

Kirsten, “The last few years I’ve spent New Year’s Eve differently. Last year I went to Vegas with a bunch of my friends, but the year before I just stayed with my family in Florida for the holiday…”

Julie: Do you expect this year to be different in any way? How?

“This year I’m going to be with my friends back home it’s the first year my sister can really come party with me so I’m really excited. We’ve been “New Years dress shopping” for 2 weeks!”

Julie: I’ve got to ask….are you a big New Year’s Eve kisser?

“Uuuuuum, Not REALLY, but I’m hoping this year will be a little different!” She smiles.

Julie: Are you a “New Year’s resolutions person”? If so, have you thought about what you hope to do/change in 2007? How did last year’s resolutions go?

Kristen, “Last year I said I was going to try and be more organized and I
definitely pulled that one off. Having my sister live with me has helped. She’s one of those annoyingly clean people. This year I think my resolution will be to ‘think a little more before I speak’. I need to beat it into my brain that not everyone wants to know my opinion.”
She smiles.

A message to her fans: “Happy Holidays!!!”

Soaps.com’s ex-Fashion House) Contributing Editor and Soap Journalist, Shannon Burrell asks Eileen Galindo (Beverly Healy, Days of Our Lives’) about her New Year’s Eve plans.

Shannon asks, “What about New Year’s? Do you have a big bash planned?

Eileen: No. New Year’s I spend very quietly with my Aunties. (They are all in their eighties. I mean, I have had the swanky New Year’s parties (being from New York and having an apartment there). Right now, really it is more important to me to spend that time with family. Especially since I live here in Hollywood and you know..it’s Hollywood! Laughter.. Shannon agrees it’s different out there, and Eileen comments, Yeah, you ain’t in Kansas anymore! Both laugh and Eileen goes on to say, So when the Holiday’s come around it is not important for me to go to big events and that type of deal. I really want to be with my family. Then, I come back on January 1 and we hit the ground running here on the 1st or the 2nd in Los Angeles.

Shannon asks, Do you have any personal New Year’s Resolutions this year? Eileen says, “Just to make it the best year ever! Honestly I feel so blessed to be doing DAYS!”

Julie Clark Robinson (Soaps.com’s General Hospital Editor) took a chance to ask Julie Berman (Lesley Lu Spencer, GH) a few questions about New Year’s Eve, and how she spends it! Here’s how things went!

JCR asks, “What is a normal New Year’s Eve like for you, Julie?”

Julie Berman says, “I love dressing up and partying on New Years. Whenever my girl friends and I can find a dance floor with some good music – we’re all over it.”

JCR: Do you expect this year to be different in any way?

Julie Berman: “Honestly, 2006 has been the best year of my life, so if 2007 is anything close…I can’t complain.”

JCR: “I’ve got to ask….are you a big NY eve kisser?”

Julie Berman,I don’t kiss and tell!”

JCR: “Are you a “New Year’s resolutions person”? If so, have you thought about what you hope to do/change in 2007? How did last year’s resolutions go?”

Julie Berman says, “I don’t even remember last year’s resolution, so that should tell you how good of a resolution person I am. This year I’m resolving to make the most of every day. I want to make time to do more things, and not let myself get lazy!”

Christine Fix (Soaps.com’s Editor-in-Chief) had the opportunity to ask Adrian Bellani (Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald Passions about his New Years Eve traditions, he tells me, “New Years was usually spent with my father, and we would always plan a trip out of the country. Whether it was Miami, Caribbean, Cancun, Vegas, or Rio Dulce in Guatemala (translated as “Sweet River”) we always left El Salvador. With my dad we never really know what we are doing. It’s kind of a mystery.” I asked him which one had stood out for him as being unforgettable and he tells me, “If you ask me which one had stood out? I would say the Vegas one. Why you ask yourself? Well simply because my brother and I never made it. I take full responsibility and all the blame. I argue that you should never fly on New Years Eve because anything can happen. So we left El Salvador to Vegas on Dec. 30, however we had to stop in Dallas for a night, and leave the next day to Vegas which would be the 31st. Everything was planned bags packed, I reconfirmed our seats etc. My brother and I were taking our sweet time. The problem was that on the ticket the departure time said 13:30 hrs. (Which would be 1:30 pm.) I never saw the “1” so to me it said 3:30pm! Well there you go. Totally blew it. Showed up at the airport to find out we missed our flight, and there was no other flight going to Vegas. My dad was livid!! So my brother and I ended up spending New Years in Dallas (by ourselves). It was my fault and today, its one of those ongoing never ending jokes!”

Y&R Editor, Amy Mistretta spoke with Will Kirby (Guest star Y&R and Big Brother Alumni) recently, about his New Year’s Eve plans. She asks, “What do you have planned or usually do for New Year’s Eve, Will?”