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From casting news to guest appearances, keep up to date with all the latest from “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Days of our Lives,” “General Hospital,” and “The Young and the Restless” in’s news rooms, updated daily.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
A beloved “B&B” alum supports an important cause. And it was back in 1997 when Clarke Garrison assumed Sally Spectra would grant him partial ownership in Spectra Fashions. Do you remember what she gave him instead? Vote about it in our Throwback Thursday Poll. Then read guest blogger Hollie’s “B&B” Breakdown for her thoughts about Oliver’s big move to win Ally back in’s The Bold And The Beautiful News Room.

Days of our Lives:
Two fan favorites popped up on two different daytime talk shows. A former “Days” actress will appear this fall in a new movie. Another alum will show off his musical talent on stage, while a current actor will rock out with his band in West Hollywood. Then go back to 1993 when Billie and Austin’s no-good daddy Curtis showed up in Salem. Do you remember what he was doing in town? Vote now in our Throwback Thursday poll. And see if you agree with Christine’s thoughts about Theresa and John’s violent confrontation, all in’s Days of our Lives News Room.

General Hospital:
A “GH” actor surprised a sports host fan of the show. Two show stars are set to appear in two separate films, while another Port Charles bad boy has a guest arc on a Hallmark Channel drama. Fans can spend time with the men of Port Charles at one event this fall, and a steamy new couple at another. What has been your favorite arrest on the show? Vote about that, and in our Throwback Thursday Poll about the time in 1979 when Laura was in a car accident when her car ran off the road. Do you remember what the catalyst for her accident was? And check out the weekly “GH” rundown to see if you agree with Vi that it is about time to foil Levi and get the old Maxie back, all in the General Hospital News Room.

The Young And The Restless:
A “Y&R” actress is scheduled to appear on primetime. Then go all the way back to 1978 when Jill Foster stole Stuart Brooks from her mother Liz. Do you remember what dramatic event occurred in Genoa City on Liz and Stuart’s wedding day? Vote about it in our Throwback Thursday Poll, and also vote about who you think will uncover Sharon’s secret first. And read guest blogger Christine’s Restless Rant to see if you agree that it’s about time to figure out who Mariah really is, all in The Young And The Restless News Room.

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– Hollie Deese