Hitting bottom and taking off.

Awkward choices, compromising positions and desperate measures.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
When Brooke confronts Bill about what he did to Ridge, he insists on her innocence. She remains skeptical but agrees to marry him anyway. She has second thoughts after Katie unearths further evidence suggesting Bill’s guilt. Meanwhile, Deacon also starts digging through Bill’s dirty laundry and his daughter gets a clue about why he’s back in town. And Wyatt has big plans now that he is back at Forrester. Check out The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers to discover what Liam encourages Wyatt to do.

Days of our Lives:
EJ and Sami continue to get lectures from everyone they know. This leads to a major fight with Will. Meanwhile, Nicole and Eric find themselves in a series of increasingly awkward positions. Hope is also placed in an awkward position after Ciara invites Chase and Aiden on holiday with them. Across Salem, Theresa makes another desperate move to save herself that could sink Brady. And Kristen arrives just in time to make it all worse. Read the Days of our Lives Spoilers to find out what Rafe realizes.

General Hospital:
Patrick’s job is in jeopardy thanks to Rafe’s demise. It’s not the only thing on the rocks in Port Charles though. Sam starts to think that she’s losing Silas after she catches him with Nina. Meanwhile, Ava tries to recruit Julian and Franco in her latest scheme against Sonny. But that situation might not be quite as dangerous as the one Jordan is in. When she and Shawn both try to get the dirt on Mickey, they wind up in a vulnerable position. Read Soaps.com’s General Hospital Spoilers to find out who is bonding with Rosalie.

The Young And The Restless:
While the mood dies for Chelsea and Billy, Kelly gets close to Jack in a more uncomfortable way. She opens up to him about her brother being a murderer. Across Genoa City, Victoria tells her mother that Billy can not be trusted. And heꞌs not the only one who is having trouble in the trust department. Stitchꞌs past starts to come to light thanks to Kevin. Visit The Young and The Restless Spoilers and find out what Victor tells Phyllis’ doctor.

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– Matt Purvis