On our soaps, we go through the ups and downs right along with the characters. Fans fight to keep them together, sometimes against all odds! Kay and Fox, Tammy and Jonathan, Shawn and Belle, and Jessica and Nash! Soaps.com’s readers speak out on who they’d like to see together!


Janice Y.: Hey all you actors that are in passions, I want to thank you guys so much and to tell you that you guys are amazing. I love you guys a lot. I never miss a show. I hope Kay stays with fox, Teresa stays with Jared, and I want Fancy and Luis to be together.

Guiding Light:

From: Barbara P.: I would like to see Jonathan and Tammy back together. It doesn’t seem right that they are apart. It’s uncomfortable to see Lizzie forcing herself on Jonathan. Jonathan fought so hard for their love, only to be separated. It’s not right!

Days of our Lives:

From: Gail G: I think that Shawn and belle need to be together love to see them back together I love days and would love to see Bo and hope and Shawn and Belle together. They have had a lot happen to them and deserve happiness.

One Life To Live

From: Jennifer M.: Please make Jessica get back with Nash! We do not like her with Antonio. That thing with them is not a good story. My family and I like Jessica and Nash together better than she and Antonio, so please make them get back on track!

These are only a few of the many couples that our readers would love to see together. Who would you like to see together? We invite you to leave a comment, or Contact Us!

Christine Fix