New play.

The Bold And The Beautiful’s” Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe) and “The Young And The Restless'” Tristan Rogers (Colin Atkinson) will join together to perform in Sam Shepard’s play “True West.” The story follows two estranged brothers, a Hollywood screenwriter named Austin (Kanan) who’s working on his next project while house-sitting for his mother, and a drifter and thief named Lee (David Steen) who plans to rob the neighborhood. However, when Lee steals Austin’s production deal things spiral out of control and the two nearly kill each other, which ultimately brings them closer. Look for Rogers to appear as Saul Kimmer.

The show opens on May 30 and runs through June 1. Please visit the Palm Canyon Theatre at 538 North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, California to purchase tickets or call 1-760-323-5123.