A week’s worth of drama in a day.

Ridge took Brooke’s engagement ring on “B&B.” Nicole and Eric made love on “Days.” Lucas was shot on “GH,” and Billy’s sperm sample was stolen on “Y&R.”

Read our excerpts and highlights from last week’s episodes, which can be found in full in Soaps.com’s Daily Soap Opera Recaps.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Liam, who Quinn released from the steam room, warned that her stunts wouldn’t scare him away from pursuing Hope. Wyatt and Liam were promised Hope would give them an answer soon. News of Bill and Brooke’s engagement irked Quinn and infuriated Ridge, who took her engagement ring and forbade her from marrying Bill. After Bill turned down Quinn’s seduction, Ridge appeared to return Brooke’s ring and amused Bill by warning the engagement was off. Things turned physical until Brooke appeared to break the men up. Later, Brooke agreed to marry Bill in a secret location overseas and they left for their trip to Dubai. However, Quinn planned to use her ammunition to stop the wedding. Read The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps to learn what RJ showed Ridge that set him off even further.

Days of our Lives:
Brady turned away John and his offer to help find Kristen. Elsewhere, after Nicole and Eric made love, Daniel warned if she didn’t tell Eric the truth about Chyka’s documents he would. Nicole asked Eric to elope and claimed Daniel planned to stop their wedding because he was in love with her. At the Salem PD, Hope questioned Ben, who later assured Jordan ‘he’ wouldn’t find them. While talking to Lucas, Hope realized he deleted his texts to Nick and informed him warrants would be issued. Lucas denied killing Nick. EJ learned the hitman didn’t kill Nick either but admitted to Abby he’d hired someone to kill her cousin. While Julie took Nick’s body back east, Gabi remained in shock and Lucas told Kate he took her gun and threw it in the river. He was also placed at the scene of the crime and made a confession to Hope. Read our Days of Our Lives Daily Recaps to hear what Gabi insisted on putting in Ari’s custody agreement regarding Sonny.