Consoled and cajoled.

When trying to make things better only makes them worse.

The Bold And The Beautiful:
Things continue to sour between Katie and Brooke. Not only does she accuse her sister of still pining for Ridge, but Katie also faces off with Bill at Spencer Publications. Meanwhile, Maya starts to worry that Oliver is taking advantage of Ally and does her best to stop that from happening. And Hope answers Liam’s latest ultimatum with something he didn’t see coming. Check out The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers to find out who is actually happy to have Taylor back in town.

Days of our Lives:
Nick convinces Gabi that they need to get a custody agreement that will keep Sami from stealing her baby. If that wasn’t enough to tip Samanther over the edge, Nick also utters some threats. Meanwhile, panic about Liam breaks out. Nicole rushes around trying to save Jenn on Smith Island before it’s too late. Back in Salem, EJ flips out when evidence of his affair with Abigail is discovered. Read the Days of our Lives Spoilers to find out why JJ and Paige are fighting.

General Hospital:
While Ric continues to get between Nikolas and Liz, Carly continues to taunt Ava. As most of Port Charles prepares to attend AJ’s funeral, Spencer runs around trying to tip Sonny off about the danger that Luke poses to him. And Sonny could be facing more hatred from his sons than ever before after he and Ava get close. Read’s General Hospital Spoilers to find out who Morgan spends his time consoling.

The Young And The Restless:
Sharon tells Jack all about the memories she has been dealing with. However, it’s Nick who is really having a hard time with things. It’s unclear if he and Sharon can go on. Across Genoa City, Jill gets an unpleasant surprise that threatens to ruin her shot at happiness. And Chelsea has a change of mind about Billy. Visit The Young and The Restless Spoilers and find out who disrupts Victor’s scheme.

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– Matt Purvis