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Coming up in primetime television. has numerous CBS series finale dates for the week of March 31, as well as episode teasers, casting, special episodes to honor a fallen castmate, FOX executive producers’ favorite memories from the 1990s, a “Good Wife” death explained and more in our latest Primetime Dish column…

Oliver’s world begins to crumble in the CW’s April 2 8:00 PM episode titled “Deathstroke.” Wednesday episode teasers: The repercussions are enormous when Slade makes his move against Oliver. A key player in Oliver’s team questions his decisions, and Isabel attempts to take Queen Consolidated away.

CBS Season Finale Dates:
Take note and mark your calendars with these CBS season finale dates: “How I Met Your Mother” (March 31 8:00 PM – spoilers below), “Intelligence” (March 31 10:00 PM), “Mom” (April 14 9:30 PM), “The Crazy Ones” (April 17 9:01 PM), “2 Broke Girls” (May 5 8:00 PM), “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (May 7 10:00 PM), “Two And A Half Men” (May 8 9:01 PM), “Hawaii Five-0” (May 9 9:00 PM), “Blue Bloods” (May 9 10:00 PM), “NCIS” (May 13 8:00 PM), “NCIS: LA” (May 13 9:00 PM), “Person Of Interest” (May 13 10:01 PM), “Criminal Minds” (May 14 9:00 PM), “The Big Bang Theory” (May 15 8:00 PM), “The Millers” (May 15 8:31 PM), “Elementary” (May 15 10:01 PM), “The Good Wife” (May 18 9:00 PM), “The Mentalist” (May 18 10:00 PM) and “Mike & Molly” (May 19 9:00 PM).

Cougar Town:
In TBS’ April 1 10:00 PM episode titled “We Stand A Chance,” after winning Cul-de-Sac Crew Trivia, Tom picks the group’s next vacation, which disappoints everyone. Jules fakes being healthy, leading to surprising results from her annual physical, and Bobby and Grayson become part of a break-dancing contest.

Criminal Minds:
Brian Baumgartner (“The Office”) has landed an upcoming guest role. Look for his character to be the focus of various murders. The CBS series airs Wednesdays at 9:00 PM.

Read’s Dallas Spoilers to find out what has John Ross working overtime in TNT’s Monday March 31 9:00 PM episode titled “Like Father, Like Son.”

Games Of Thrones:
Season four of the HBO series premieres on Sunday April 6. Here’s the latest look at what’s ahead…

Grey’s Anatomy:
Read our Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers to find out what puts the doctors down and out in ABC’s Thursday April 3 9:00 PM episode titled “You Be Illin’.” As a reminder, will post the recap after the show airs.

Hart Of Dixie:
In the CW’s Friday April 4 9:00 PM episode titled “Carrying Your Love With Me,” Zoe and Joel become frustrated with their home remodel, due to all the unexpected snags in their plans. Rose wants Lavon to support BlueBell being sister cities with a town in France. Wade has to play peacemaker after Lemon convinces George to help her with a business venture, and Brick discovers he has some tough competition in his quest to become BlueBell’s Man of the Year.

How I Met Your Mother:
Series finale! In Monday’s March 31 one-hour series finale titled “Last Forever Parts One And Two,” Ted finally finishes sharing the story with his kids surrounding how he met their mother. The CBS series first premiered in 2005 with 2014 being its ninth and final season.