Soap Stars Where Are They Now
Credit: Image: Jill Johnson, John Paschal/JPI; LevRadin/Shutterstock

Catching up with soap opera alums who found success outside daytime.

It’s no secret that many actors get their start in daytime. Some make fans fall in love with their characters and then go on to make their mark in primetime, movies, the music industry, and even non-entertainment related industries. Most soap opera viewers know Kelly Ripa (Hayley Santos, All My Children) is the host of Live with Kelly and Ryan and Justin Hartley (ex-Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless; Fox Crane, Passions) found great success on This is Us, but there are many others who have been quietly popping up as recurring or series regular characters in TV series, taking jobs outside of the industry, and raising families.

It’s hard not to turn on the TV or start streaming a series without recognizing a face or two from soap operas. This past year alone has featured a former As the World Turns star joining the Kevin Costner Paramount Network series Yellowstone, a former Bold and Beautiful actor featured in Hulu’s Into the Dark anthology series, and a General Hospital alum as part of the One Chicago family.

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Of course, they don’t all pursue more acting roles, as a couple of soap opera alums have gone on to teach acting, open a restaurant, and sell real estate. While others, like a certain General Hospital alum, exploded on the music scene. Others still, are busy raising children and, as is the case with one former One Life to Live cast member, joining their superstar brother on nighttime talk shows to entertain viewers with tales from their youth.

While there are numerous others, we’ve singled out a few former soap opera actors who have made their mark in primetime and other unexpected places. Look through the photo gallery below and then sign up for’s newsletter to stay up to date on all things soap opera related.